[FORUM] Lounge vs. Off-Topic Discussion

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[FORUM] Lounge vs. Off-Topic Discussion

Postby Nellyfox » Wed May 11, 2016 4:24 pm

We have two boards for general chatter, The Lounge and Off-Topic Discussions. Posts made in threads in Off-Topic Discussions count, while those made in The Lounge do not. When posting a thread in one of these two boards, make sure the thread meets the criteria of the board.

Off-Topic Discussions promotes high quality discussion, which can include debate topics (barring they do not end up violating rule 12) or topics that simply promote meaty discussion. Examples of Off-Topic Discussion quality threads can be seen here: 1 2 3
The Lounge is for threads that are lower quality, where posts generally are a few lines long and threads do not have that high of a life span. These can include threads containing polls, inside jokes, or threads that can contain a variety of topics over time. Examples of The Lounge quality threads can be seen here: 1 2 3

Topics in Lounge are not to be automatically flagged as spam, nor can you spam there. Refer for forum rule 6 for more information regarding spam.
Threads in Off-Topic Discussion can be placed in The Lounge, but threads in The Lounge generally can not be placed in Off-Topic Discussions.
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