[GAME] Guide to login issues

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[GAME] Guide to login issues

Postby ciary » Thu Feb 05, 2015 7:41 am

I can't log in. What now?

This is a small guide for all of you who can't log in to the game. what you should do and what the problem can be.

1) Is the forum online?
Since you are reading this, I suppose it is. If it wasn't when you tried to log in, then this is the first problem. If the forum is down it means that something is wrong at the server-side. This is why you can't log in. It isn't just you. Nobody can log in. The admins are probably fixing it!

2) Are there new threads in the bug/ask section of this forum that have to do with log in issues?
in which case, you're probably not the only one with log in issues. it's a server side issue. the devs are probably working on it. make a post on one of the other threads that you're experience log in problems as well. DON'T MAKE A NEW THREAD! unless your issue is unrelated to the one the others have.
you can check it here (viewforum.php?f=39) and here (viewforum.php?f=10)

3) Have you verified your email-address?
If you haven't, you should. When creating your account, an email was sent to your inbox. You can verify your email address by clicking the link or copying and pasting it in a browser.

4) any special characters in your password?
Yeah, those work on the forum but not in game. You can change the password for the game here:
Just dont use any special symbols this time. Simple combination of capital and normal sized letters, or numbers, should work pretty well.

5) Are you banned?
to check this you can easily check the "banned users" here (viewtopic.php?f=26&t=7395) though this list isn't always up-to-date. You can also search for your username in this (viewforum.php?f=26) sub-forum. If you are banned, don't give up! you can always ask why you are banned here (viewforum.php?f=40) and make an appeal to be unbanned. you will have to wait for an admin to evaluate your appeal

6) Steam: Have you installed adobe air?
if you haven't installed it yet or you aren't sure if you did, you can install it by using this link: http://get.adobe.com/air/
if you have, try re-installing it.

7) Steam: Check game integrity?
Have you tried logging in with the browser version? does that work? if you have, it's possible that your game-cache integrity is compromised. To check this, follow the steps in this link (https://support.steampowered.com/kb_art ... -QEUH-3335)

8) Steam: Running as administrator?
it's possible that your game doesn't have enough rights. right-click the game icon and click "run as administrator".

9) Steam: Have you tried re-installing the game?
It's possible that something went wrong during install, or that you don't have the latest version. re-installing the game should solve issues like this.

10) Steam: Are you logged into your steam account?
to verify, first open steam, then try to start the game.

11) Browser: Install the latest flash player.
If it's outdated, the game might not run. you can make sure you have the latest version by downloading it here (http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/)

12) Two versions of Flash Player installed simultaneously?
Sometimes, the installation of new version derps out, and it installs the new version, but keeps the old one installed as well. This causes issues with Flash Player not working correctly.
Check your Control Panels/ Programs - Uninstall or change program. In here, find Adobe Flash player - if there is two of them (they will both be named Adobe Flash Player *number*), look on the left which one is older (should be the lower number) and uninstall the old one.
Preferably uninstall both of them, and download the newest version completely from internet (That is for Windows, no idea how it works on Linux or Mac).

13) Browser: Have tried clearing your cache?
It's possible that your browser won't log you in for various reasons. Most of these have to do with cache (which is basically your browser's personal memory). So we're going to wipe it's memory clean! it won't remember anything! don't worry. it will still do everything you ask ^_^ a guide to how to clean our cache can be found here (https://kb.iu.edu/d/ahic.html)
after that, you also have to make sure you clean the flash player cache (https://forums.adobe.com/message/4278569)

14) Browser: Are you logging in with Facebook?
If you are, try logging out of Facebook and retry logging into the game.

15) Browser: Have you tried a different browser?
At this point it could be that something in your browser is messing up the game. Try using a different browser. Internet explorer and Safari really aren't the only ones. Try using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

16) Port forwarding issues maybe?
just gonna quote Naru on this one:
Naru2008 wrote:Make sure you have the ports 843 and 3600 TCP/UDP open on both your firewall and your router.
http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/wind ... =windows-7 - Firewall
http://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch001201.htm - Router

17) Is your firewall active?
If you're an average user, it probably is. though this shouldn't be a problem. although it can be. Try disabling it.

18) Do you have internet access?
Well you came to a point where we're getting hopeless. Have you tested if you actually have access to the internet? Town of Salem is a game you can't play offline and will require constant internet access.

19) have you tried turning it off and on again?
could be that something else is messing with your connection. so to solve that, we can only use the last-resort option. rebooting your pc. if this doesn't work, we have no idea what could be wrong. if this doesn't work there is only one option left. if you get passed this, did everything and nothing works, then ...

20) Ok, it must be a bug then.
If all this fails and you still can't log in, then there is something seriously wrong. which means you encountered a bug. go here and create a thread to report it (viewforum.php?f=10)

If you have a question about any of these steps, you can always ask questions on the forum. There is a very helpful community behind Town of Salem who would love to help you out.
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