[GAME] What are the rules for Town of Salem

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[GAME] What are the rules for Town of Salem

Postby TurdPile » Wed Jan 07, 2015 5:46 am

The rules for Town of Salem are located in the Terms of Use (Section V) and on the Rules page of the website.

It is also located under the 'Play' screen where you select what game mode to play, next to 'Create a Party';
Spoiler: Image
The rules are subject to change with or without notice, so make sure to check them frequently.

The Rules have been copied below as they currently stand for your convenience;
The Rules wrote:No Hate Speech or Harassment
  • Using offensive language is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to: racism, country shaming, language shaming, religious intolerance, intolerance to sexual orientations, sexism, and general bigotry, pedophilia, crimes against children, and mocking tragedies/shootings/terrorist events.
  • Harassing, threatening attacking, or shaming users is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to: money/skin shaming, posting person info, and inciting false reports.
  • Do not send explicit sexual content, use obscene language, or attempt to evade the filters.

No Posting Links
  • Posting links (URLs) to any site is prohibited.

No Gamethrowing
  • Intentionally losing the game or hurting your teams chances of winning (even if that team is just you) is gamethrowing.
  • Intentionally going against your role's goal is also gamethrowing.
    - Example 1: A Mafia member dies and in his last will he reveals the names of all the living Mafia members. If those names are true then you are gamethrowing, if they are false then you are not.
    - Example 2: A Vigilante or Jailor killing a revealed Mayor is gamethrowing.

No Spamming
  • Avoid sending the same message multiple times, or many messages that are gibberish. Spamming the chat with 5+ messages in a phase or 15+ messages in the game is spamming.

No Cheating
  • Do not attempt to gain an unfair advantage over players through means other than normal gameplay. This includes but is not limited to using multiple accounts in the same game, sharing information outside the game (i.e. Skype, Discord), using a foreign language to communicate in a way that cannot be understood by the players in the current locale, or using bots or hacks.

No Inappropriate Names
  • Do not create or use a username or in-game name that would be considered inappropriate. This includes but is not limited to names that are vulgar, racist, or sexually explicit.

No Leaving
  • Do not leave a match during live gameplay.

No AFKing
  • Do not leave your computer for an extended time during live gameplay.

Don't Impersonate a BMG Employee
  • Don't impersonate a BMG Employee or pretend to be an employee of BlankMediaGames. Do not claim to have the power to punish players.

Ban Tiers
  • If you try to log into the game while suspended or banned, it will show a timer (for Tier 1-3 suspension) or say you are banned (Tier 4). The punishment length timer starts upon the player's next login attempt.
    - Tier 1: 24 hour suspension (1 day)
    - Tier 2: 72 hour suspension (3 days)
    - Tier 3: 168 hour suspension (1 week)
    - Tier 4: Permanent ban
I have mostly rescinded my role as Admin.

All previous contact should instead be redirected to LevinSnakesRise.

If your inquiry doesn't directly have to do with Trial 2.0 or TrialBot, then please refrain from messaging.

Thank you.
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Re: [GAME] What are the rules for Town of Salem

Postby LevinSnakesRise » Sun May 02, 2021 3:56 pm

FAQ updated to match current rules and rule locations.
I'm the Admin for BlankMediaGames however I am not an employee and cannot reset your password or change your email.
Please email the Developers below to open a ticket and have them assist you;

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(I do not handle appeals outside of the Appeals forum, including via PMs, Discord Messages, and the like. Please do not contact me about your appeal. My appeal decisions are final. Thank you.)
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