[GAME] Why has my IP been "restricted"?

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[GAME] Why has my IP been "restricted"?

Postby LevinSnakesRise » Wed Apr 14, 2021 9:22 pm

For the free players without premium, occasionally you might come across the following warning upon trying to login to your account;
"This IP has been restricted from free play due to previous abuse. Please wait until the restriction ends or purchase a premium account to continue playing."

This is due to problematic townies getting banned multiple times, and as a result, the IP gets restricted for up to 7 days. It is nothing you have done wrong. Unfortunately bad apples want to ruin the fun for everyone else, including you.

There's only one real solution to solve this problem, as the message says, which would be buying a premium package (whether it be Web, Mobile or Steam) and you can bypass this temporary block.

The only other option to resolve this is wait for the time to expire, and try every day until you're able to login.

Please do not post in the Appeals forum. These are not appealable, and staff cannot remove restrictions placed. Thank you.
I'm the Admin for BlankMediaGames however I am not an employee and cannot reset your password or change your email.
Please email the Developers below to open a ticket and have them assist you;

Image . Image
Image | Image
(I do not handle appeals outside of the Appeals forum, including via PMs, Discord Messages, and the like. Please do not contact me about your appeal. My appeal decisions are final. Thank you.)
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