[GAME] Why was my account 'Frozen'?

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[GAME] Why was my account 'Frozen'?

Postby Naru2008 » Sat Jun 29, 2019 2:51 am

The reason your account has been frozen is because you issued a charge-back or a refund on Steam. To prevent abuse from paying for the game, and then refunding/charging-back and then playing for free afterwords, your account will be 'Frozen'. Once the game is re-purhcased, and you attempt to login to the game through Steam, it should unfreeze your account and you should be free to play the game again.

Q. What if I didn't purchase the game on Steam and my account was frozen?
A. This means you got access to the game from the Family Sharing feature (or a similar way). The person who shared their library with you had paid for the game, refunded or charged-back the game, and now you cannot access it. Unfortunately the only way to get around it is to purchase it yourself, or the original buyer re-buying the game and letting you re-access their library and launch the game, then login and the account should be unfrozen.

Q. What if I did re-purchase the game, but the account isn't unfrozen?
A. If you have purchased the game again, and the game hasn't been unfrozen, double-check your payment method to make sure the money was taken out. If it hasn't been taken out, it didn't go through for whatever reason. If the money has been taken out, please wait up-to 24 hours for the account to be unfrozen. If it still is not unfrozen, please email info@blankmediagames.com, provide your username and your proof of purchase to the developers. They will manually unfreeze your account for you.

Q. Can my account be unlinked from the Steam account that caused it to get frozen?
A. Unfortunately, no. Steam accounts cannot be unlinked and re-linked with another. Once they're linked, they're linked.
I cannot reset your password, change your email, etc. Please email the Developers via info@blankmediagames.com and wait for them to respond.

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