Patch 2.5.3(Flash)/3.0.16(Unity)

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Patch 2.5.3(Flash)/3.0.16(Unity)

Postby shapesifter13 » Wed Jan 09, 2019 9:41 pm

Hey Townies,

We are going to have an extended downtime 1/9 at 11pm to do a patch, and do some more server maintenance. The patch itself will include new cosmetics, some older cosmetics becoming Merit Point purchasable, some improvements to the anti-spam filter, and the Sheriff feedback message and more.

Server Maintenance:
We have been having these extended downtimes to help improve server security, and to help us prep for some features related to this. We appreciate your patience.

We are going to be releasing 4 new cosmetics with this patch. The Mafioso, Coven Leader, and Tracker skins, and the 9 Tailed Fox pet.

Here are the new cosmetics:

New Merit Point purchasable cosmetics
The Necronomicon, Penguin, Potion Master, Toil and Trouble, and Coven Rises cosmetics can now be purchased with Merit Points.

Sheriff Feedback Change
After the change to the Sheriff's interrogation results were made to be just suspicious, or not suspicious there were some users who thought these messages were too similar, and would get confused. Due to this we have changed the not suspicious message to now say the target is innocent. This should help to clarify what result users received.

Anti-Spam Improvements
We have implemented better feedback messages for different kinds of spamming to let users know what behavior they should not be doing.

Bug fixes:
Fixed a bug where the Serial Killer would received a message saying they attacked the Jailor when jailed, even if the Jailor executed them.

Mobile Specific Changes:
Some achievements may reveal game information to users, due to this issue we have implemented a shadow achievement system that will hide these achievements until the game is done, and then say you earned them.

We have gathered some data related to some crashes and while we investigate these we will be disabling Ranked on mobile again.

Improvements to the auto bug reporting feature.

When a user failed to login due to an incorrect password an incomplete message was shown, this has been fixed.
iPhone X - Fixed an issue with theRole List flowing below the bottom of the role list frame.
Fixed some achievements that were not being awarded properly.
Fixed a bug that was not allowing mobile users to click on the role list to see role cards/possible roles.
Fixed a bug that caused a user's original will no longer visible after being forged, even if revived by Retributionist.
Fixed an issue that allowed the Witch and Transporter to target dead players.
Fixed a bug with the “X role was X” header text timing not being right on multiple deaths.
Fixed an issue with the Character Customization Positions.
Fixed a bug that occurred when the Juggernaut killed more than 4 people. This caused their role card to break.
Fixed a bug that caused Last wills to be displayed for cleaned and stoned players.
Fixed a sound bug where the tick tock sounds were missing from Lobby countdown timer.
Fixed an issue where a player would be disconnected, but the app would not handle it correctly.
Fixed an issue in the lobby where random roles names were not colored correctly.
Fixed an issue in the game where random roles names in role list were not colored correctly.
Fixed an issue where the achievement list roles were not being sorted in alpha order.
Fixed a bug where the username taken feedback message was not being displayed.
Fixed a bug where the delay in rejoining a lobby type you’ve just left provided no feedback as to why.
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