Mobile Patch 3.0.15

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Mobile Patch 3.0.15

Postby shapesifter13 » Tue Dec 11, 2018 8:02 pm

Hey Townies!

Today we are releasing a patch that will bring the Refer-A-Friend system changes and the new referral code systems to mobile along with some bug fixes.

Mobile Changes
Refer-A-Friend System

When a premium user reaches 10 games played they will receive 5 referral codes that they can give to their friends. These codes can be redeemed by a user's friends after they create their account, login, and click the play button. Users will also get 5 extra codes at 25 games played, 50 games played, 100 games played, and 250 games played. This means that a user can get up to 25 referral codes through the life of their account. To claim these codes click the button that looks like hands shaking on the left of the screen under the Shop button. Refer-A-Friend rewards have been bumped up to 1300 Town Points per player successfully referred from 100. We are also going to reward for every successful referral past 5 with 1300 Town Points. There was previously no reward for referrals past 5.

Trial Accounts

The pop-up that says you need to make a purchase has a text field to enter in Trial codes. After a player redeems a code their account is made into a Trial account. When a player redeems a code if they have not put a user as their referrer, or has put a user that didn't give them the redeem code the user that gave them the code will be marked as their referrer. Trial accounts can play 5 games and after that they will be locked out of playing until they make a purchase.

Be Aware!

If an account is banned during the Trial phase, the account that referred them will receive a suspension. Trial accounts that are only suspended will not punish the referring account. Note that accounts are only banned over being suspended when they are botting or spamming hate speech. Once the referred accounts becomes a premium account the referral user is no longer responsible for their accounts and will not be suspended if the referrer gets banned.

Mobile Ranked

We fixed many mobile issues that were causing users to disconnect, and we feel that mobile is stable enough to re-enable Ranked for mobile users.

Bug Fixes

Fixed some spelling issues for certain mobile feedback messages.
Fixed some issues causing mobile users to disconnect,
Fixed an issue that was causing some purchases to fail on mobile.
Fixed an issue related to wills after a Janitor cleaned a player.

Changes to All Platforms

Spam Filter Improvements

Several spam filter improvements have been added since the last patch. Check out Achilles' Dev Update post for more information. As we receive feedback we will continue to make improvements to this system to improve overall game quality.
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