Patch 2.5.1

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Patch 2.5.1

Postby shapesifter13 » Wed Dec 05, 2018 6:24 pm

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Hey Townies,

Today we are releasing a bunch of quality of life improvements, a change to how the Sheriff feedback works, and a few bug fixes.

General bug fixes and optimizations:
Patching mode - When the servers are down for a patch you will now see a link to the patch notes instead of a connection error when attempting to play

Improved ban/suspensions - Added suspension/ban reason feedback on login. Players who are suspended/banned via trials, a moderator, or automatic systems such as referral abuse will now be notified of the reason upon login.

Fixed a bug where promotion popups were being shown to referral users who had not upgraded to premium yet.

Improved server and account security.

Fixed Guardian Angel achievements and "target was attacked" feedback.

Changed the "I am blackmailed." message while on trial to only be allowed to be said one time per trial.

Spam Improvements:

* You can no longer say the same thing twice in a row in a 10 second time period
* You can no longer type in all caps twice in a row in a 10 second time period
* Added a few common bad words found in reports to the chat filter

These changes were made to make it that people getting reported, and punished for spam are actually spamming maliciously.

Jailor vs Werewolf interaction bug fix:

A Jailed Werewolf will now direct attack his captor instead of doing a passive attack. This allows things like Bodyguard to protect the Jailor.

Sheriff change

Sheriff will now only see "Your target is suspicious" instead of specific feedback about Mafia/Coven/Werewolf/SK. This will allow NK roles to more easily claim they were framed when checked by a Sheriff.

Requesting Trial Codes
Due to some users posting their codes on public forums, them getting redeemed by bots, and the user who posted them being banned, we are further trying to encourage users to not post their codes on public forums. There is now a required "I Agree" captcha that needs to be filled out upon requesting codes. This is intended to make users take a second and read the message given when requesting codes.
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