Ranked Season 3 Begins!

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Ranked Season 3 Begins!

Postby shapesifter13 » Thu Mar 29, 2018 10:10 am

Hey Townies,

Today we are starting Season 3 of Ranked! As you may already know if you have checked out our most recent announcements Season 2 of Ranked was our best season so far, and we want to thank everyone who participated in it.

Balance Changes!

Be sure to keep in mind that Jesters can now kill players who abstain on them when they are hanged!

This is the only change currently being made as win rates are close to where we want them to be. We think smaller changes here and there will be what we need to bring the win rates in line.

This change allows the Jester more options on who to kill, and can allow the Jester the potential to remove roles that are more impactful from the game than before. This should make players more hesitant to vote guilty on a potential evil role as well. This has always been the general idea behind the Jester, but certain play styles have made the Jester less impactful on games than we had originally hoped. We believe this change will be good for overall health of the role, and will help it be the role it was always meant to be. A role that makes you second guess yourself when trying to hang someone.

Rating Changes!

For Ranked Season 3 we will be making a change to the "K-Factor" in our rating algorithm. What this means in non-mumbo jumbo terms is that the base rating that you will earn or lose per game will be increased. This should help push you to the tier that you belong in more quickly than last season.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where season rewards were given based on current rating instead of season high rating.
Fixed an issue where the Doctor achievement "Stitch Yourself" was not being granted properly.

Thanks for being involved. We are looking forward to seeing how this season goes, and we will be keeping an eye on everything.

Happy Hanging from the BMG Team!
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