Hot Fix 11/27/17 and Ranked Season 1 Ending Early

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Hot Fix 11/27/17 and Ranked Season 1 Ending Early

Postby shapesifter13 » Mon Nov 27, 2017 2:03 pm

Hey Townies,

Today we are announcing the end of Season 1, the start of Season 2, and a hotfix patch to address an exploit user PeteMailer on Reddit reported.

End of Season 1 and Start of Season 2

As most players know, there was a ranked bug that allowed users to leave the game if they were going to lose and would prevent them from losing Elo when doing so. This took us far too long to find and patch and we would like to sincerely apologize for this. We will be improving our QA pipeline with our newest hire, an experienced QA manager. The issue, however, left long term effects on Elo. We have spent the past month investigating the impact it had, and deciding what to do about it. After looking at the effect it had, talking to community members about potentially resetting elo or talking Elo away from the abusers, we have decided to end Season 1 early and wipe the career high leaderboards. With the start of Season 2, we hope that all of the issues that would effect Elo have been fixed and Season 2 will be a true representation of our communities skill.

Season 1 will be ending December 4th, and Season 2 will be starting shortly there after. Players will be awarded season rewards as Season 1 ends.

Exploit Hotfix

PeteMailer submitted a bug report on 11/25 detailing that the order in which votes where sent down at the end of the voting phase was correlated to the roles in the game. This was due to the votes being sent down based on role priority. This has been fixed and is now completely random. We are thankful that someone posted such a lengthy and detailed guide on the issue and this allowed us to find the bug and fix it quickly.

Other bugs that have been fixed.

Fixed an issue that would cause the Jailor to receive the "You didn't perform your day ability" message when turned into a Vampire.
Fixed an issue that would sometimes show your target's defense value was too high if the player you attacked was jailed and had an a defense value that would have saved them.
Fixed several achievements that would not be granted when the goal was fulfilled.
Fixed an issue when selecting the "No Pet" option that would not save and continue to use the pet that was previously had selected.
Fixed an issue that would cause a Vigilante to die of guilt if the Necromancer had used them to kill a townie, but was later revived.
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