Patch 2.1.5 Spanish Localization and New Payment Options!

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Patch 2.1.5 Spanish Localization and New Payment Options!

Postby shapesifter13 » Thu Nov 02, 2017 11:08 am

Hey Townies!

Release 2.1.5 is coming today! This patch we are happy to announce that we are branching out and starting to fully localize the game to other languages. With this patch we are starting with Spanish. Branching out into other languages means that we will also want to expand our payment options and we are releasing that this patch too! Check out more details on these and more below!:


New Items! - We’ve added new Character skins for Plaguebearer, Poisoner, and Medusa, as well as a new Necronomicon pet skin.





Spanish Localization! - Town of Salem is now available in Spanish! You can select your UI language only on the login screen. You can also select the Spanish language game queue in the Settings dialog box (the Gear button on the Home Screen) if you want to play only with other Spanish speakers. The UI language setting and the game chat language queue are independent of each other, so if you’re comfortable with having your UI display in Spanish but want to chat with other players in English, you can do so, and vice-versa. Be aware that Tutorial Tips are currently disabled when using the Spanish UI. Tutorial Tips for Spanish will be coming soon. So to summarize:

    *Select your UI language from the Login screen.
    *Select your chat language from the Settings dialog.
    *Note: brand new players to Town of Salem are always prompted to select a chat language the first time they try to play a game. Existing players must use the Settings dialog box because they have been defaulted to the English chat queues based on their existing play.


We have expanded our payment options to support a large number of alternative payment options other than just PayPal.
Login Screen visual improvements. The sound, story, and patch notes buttons have been better integrated visually into the login screen.
Dropdown arrows added to the Player Stats to visually indicate that clicking on a stat will show a leaderboard for that statistic.
Added an Add Friend option in the post game lobby.
Added the new Neutral roles to our website and updated the Arsonist description.
Guardian Angel is no longer considered a unique role when building custom role lists.


Ranked Placement games are now being accurately counted and displayed.
The Popup message stating that you are unable to join a ranked game no longer auto-closes after ten seconds.
Fixed the You Win dialog box so that the “You Win” text does not appear twice.
Fixed a brief render flickering issue on the Shop tabs that sometimes appeared when the shop is first opened.
Improved the feedback message when entering an incorrect or previously used Redeem Code.
Fixed an issue where newly earned Achievements were not reflected in the Achievement Browser until after relogging.
Fixed a navigation issue to the Player Stats screen after the Ranked Game Back In Queue popup appeared.
Fixed an issue with the Jailor Death Note reappearing after a previously executed player is resurrected then dies again.
Some Achievement bug fixes.
Various death animation bug fixes.

If you find any bugs that you would like to report be sure to grab any relevant screenshots and make a bug report here: viewforum.php?f=10

If you have any feedback about the patch post that here: viewforum.php?f=7

If you have any suggestions post those here: viewforum.php?f=14

Happy Hanging Everyone!
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