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Patch 2.0.3 The Coven Comes to Web!

PostPosted: Wed Jul 19, 2017 5:38 pm
by shapesifter13
Hey Townies!

We promised that The Coven would eventually be purchasable for browser users and that time is soon! We will be launching this patch tomorrow. We have split the purchase to be more like the path you take when buying it on Steam. We have a premium Web version that comes with an exclusive pet, 2000 Town Points, and 100% bonus Merit Points for life for $5 USD. Owning this allows you to purchase The Coven for $5 USD getting you all the perks that come with The Coven including access to all of the new roles in Coven games, exclusive queues that only Coven players can play in, and the rotating game modes VIP, Lovers, and Rivals. There is also an option to purchase both at once for a total of $10 USD. If you already own Steam and The Coven through Steam you can still purchase the Web premium bundle to pick up the new pet, the 2,000 Town Points at a discounted rate and the Merit Point bonus stacks! This will mean that you are getting 300% Merit Point gains. A win that normally would give 40 Merit Points will give 120 Merit Points if you own Steam and Web premium! Here is a picture of the adorable new Webby pet that comes from purchasing the premium Web version!
We are not sure whether to burn it with fire, or give this little cutie some pats.

New Character!
This patch also comes with a new purchasable skin based on the role the Crusader. We know what you are thinking, but we will refrain from memeing on you too hard.

Price Reductions!
Steam and Web premium grant 2000 Town Points, so we have decided to drop the price of Beelzebub and Uriel to match that. This means anyone buying either premium purchase can buy a legendary skin with their Town Points.

Bug Fixes/Improvements

Fixed a bug that would allow players to leave Original Town of Salem games in the lobby and go join Coven lobbies without being affected by the timeout.

Fixed a few instances of overlapping text on certain resolutions.

Fixed a display issue with Coven scrolls showing them as giving 2x odds instead of 10x odds. This was only a visual issue and did not affect how they worked during this time.

Fixed a few instances of misspelled words, or duplicated sentences.

The graphics settings should now save when they are changed.

If you don't own The Coven those scrolls won't show in the shop to help keep the clutter down for those users.

There was some confusion about the rotating game modes. People thought that VIP, Lovers, and Rivals were the "Exclusive Queues" with The Coven. We have made this more clear that these are the Rotating Game Modes, and that all of The Coven game modes are the "Exclusive Queues". This means that any Coven game mode can only be played by players who own The Coven.