Hotfix 7/4/17

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Hotfix 7/4/17

Postby shapesifter13 » Wed Jul 05, 2017 1:52 pm

Hey Townies!

We are loving all of the feedback that we have been getting on The Coven expansion of the game! Thank you everyone for all of your input. Some of that feedback has been about some bugs in the game, so today's patch will be fixing some bugs that were found recently.

Bug Fixes

Several achievement bugs were resolved such as the new win with all the roles achievements.

We fixed a bug with the Necromancers ghoul attack that was causing it keep attacking every night until the player died. Relentless.

Lastly we fixed a bug with the Potion Master that was causing her to not be able to use her potions some times.

Edit: For some reason this didn't post last night when I was trying to post it. Sorry everyone.
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