Patch 1.5.11 - The Cauldron and Taunts

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Patch 1.5.11 - The Cauldron and Taunts

Postby Achilles » Tue Mar 07, 2017 3:56 pm

Hey Townies!

With Patch 1.5.11, we are releasing two new features (Taunts and The Cauldron), tweaking a couple of roles, making some minor improvements to existing features, and fixing some bugs. This release is for Steam and Web. The mobile release will be coming at a later date. Please check out the details below!

New Features

The Taunt/emote system allows players to anonymously interact with each other in-game with short animations. For this initial release of Taunts we are including a RIP Tombstone taunt, a Witch hexing taunt (turns the targeted player into a frog), and a Dog Peeing taunt. Taunts are visual only and do not affect game play other than the potential mind gaming aspect that Taunts introduce. In the future we will be introducing many new Taunts, including positive taunts which impart respect or praise. Taunts are consumables and can be purchased through the shop or won from the new Cauldron system. You can access Taunts in-game by clicking on a player’s avatar or on their name in the player list. A popup lets you choose which Taunt to use on the targeted player. If a Taunt is not allowed during certain times (such as during voting) the menu will gray out the Taunt so it cannot be chosen. Have fun taunting, or being taunted!

The new Cauldron system lets you earn free stuff! The Cauldron works like this: Everyday that you log on you can visit the Cauldron where a Witch awaits you by clicking the Daily Brew button at the top of the screen. The Witch gives you a free daily potion that you apply to the Cauldron brew, awarding you 20 Merit Points (or 40 MP for Steam linked accounts). Return each day (yes, you can skip days without resetting your progress) to apply your free daily potion, and on the seventh day you will win a free random Prize, which can include anything from the Shop minus certain exclusive items (such as Refer-a-Friend, SteamBot, Kickstarter award items, and Boat Load of Swag). Yes, this includes Town Point-only items! Skins, pets, houses, maps, lobby icons, scrolls, taunts, themes, death animations, merit points…they’re all potential prizes that can be awarded.

If you choose to, you can specialize your brew by purchasing a potion that enhances your Cauldron to ensure you receive a certain kind of prize. For instance, you can purchase a Character potion which guarantees your prize on the seventh day will be a character skin or a Legendary potion which will grant you a high value item from the shop (above 2,000TP) such as Uriel, Beezlebub, or Map Pack bundles! These specialization potions are optional. The Cauldron will not award items that you already own except for consumables such as scrolls and taunts.

Role Changes

Change to tell mafia if a Spy is in the game or not. This comes in the form of a nightly message to Mafia members telling them whether they can speak freely or not. This change is intended to allow Mafia to have some games where they can freely communicate and come up with great strategies to use against the Town without the threat of being thwarted by the Spy. We think this change will create some interesting and fun new game play strategies for the Mafia.

Change to make douses silent (Arsonists will still know if they are doused) and to change investigative results on doused players (doused players will appear to be Bodyguard/Arsonist/Godfather). This is a buff for the Arsonist since this role has a hard time keeping up with its Neutral Killing counterparts. This change will give the Arsonist a much better chance of hiding in the shadows until they ignite as well as having lots of claim space from the Investigator.

Other Improvements
• Characters have been re-positioned to have more uniform alignment on the map. This change should help prevent some skins from bumping into each other too much.
• Web Version - Remember Password on Login Screen. Clicking the “Remember Me” checkbox will now remember the password in addition to the user name. No more typing your password! You should only use this option on non-public computers.
• Added double-click ability on the custom lobbies Selected Roles list to allow removal of the role from the list using a mouse double-click.
• Custom/Rapid games now give Merit Points based on the length of the game to help prevent "Coin farming" games.
• For Custom/Rapid games, we added a notice on the End Game Screen that the MP award calculation is based on length of the game.
• The daybreak rooster crowing and night time wolf howl are now treated as sound effects rather than music as far as how volume/muting are controlled in the Settings dialog box and with the in-game sound controls.

Bug Fixes
• Resurrected Graveyard Bug - fixes issue where blank graveyard line caused by resurrected player being removed from graveyard could still be highlighted and clicked to open LW/DN.
• Fixed bug that allowed bypassing of Ranked Requirements when joining a Ranked game.
• Centered the Shop in the middle of the screen.
• Fixed bug in custom lobbies where Any or Neutral Killing selections were not being mirrored to other players from the host. Also fixed off-by-one issue on some of the other roles.
• AllAny and RapidMode button text - added spaces between words.
• SteamBot DeathAnimation Sound - Reduced volume.

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