Tutorial Patch

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Tutorial Patch

Postby shapesifter13 » Thu Jan 12, 2017 7:47 pm

Hey Townies!

There are a few things coming out today! We got a new Tutorial System, Double Merit Point Weekend tech, Theme prices being reduced, and improvements to the explanation of Steam linking. Check out the specifics below!

Tutorial System:

We are introducing a new Tutorial that we hope will help players get a grasp of the game faster than they normally would. This system displays helpful tips and hints as they play through their first game ever, and their first game as each specific role. This new system is much different than our old one that would hold your hand through a pre-determined set of events. The new system will help to guide players through the basic, but won't tell them what to do, or force them to play a certain way. We think this system will do a lot to help keep new players stick around that may have quit due to the game being confusing, and will help players who will stay anyways pick the game up even faster! This is the first run of this new system so there will be bugs, and improvements that can be made, but you can be sure we will make those improvements.

Double Merit Point Weekend Tech:
We have the tech in place to allow for double Merit Point weekends now! Starting at noon on Friday the 13th(spooky) and going until Sunday the 15th at 11:59:59 any Merit Points you would earn will give you 2x the amount. This bonus is not multiplicative with Steam, so Steam users will get 3x Merit Points, not 4x.

Theme Price reductions:

The Holiday, Voxel, and Apocalypse themes will all now cost 2600 Town Points instead of 5200.

Steam linking improvements:

Currently players sometimes have a hard time claiming their Steam rewards as how to claim them is a bit unclear. We have fixed this by creating a pop up that will show up when you log in with the Steam client, but haven't linked your account yet. This pop-up will explain how to go about linking your account to Steam and claiming your rewards.

Bug Fixes:

Amnesiacs can no longer remember cleaned roles

Fixed an instance where a few Neutrals Win conditions were causing the "Return to Homepage" button to not show up.

Improved how we handle situations where a player's username would overlap with their in game name if it was to long.
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