Patch Notes: A.0.1.3

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Patch Notes: A.0.1.3

Postby PyromonkeyGG » Wed Mar 12, 2014 9:51 pm

Hello guys! Sorry about the login issues lately, the A.0.1.0 was a huge patch for us but I think we have ironed out most of the kinks. Here are the patch notes for today's update:

NOTE: We are having issues with e-mails going out for forum registrations so I am just activating them by hand for now. You can log into the game without being activated as well.

* Added logout button
* Gave chat wrap the love it deserved so it will now wrap by word instead of character
* Added a confirmation dialog for when you leave the page so you don't accidentally close out of the game.

Bug fixes:
* Fixed Jailor related crash
* Fixed Facebook login issue (yay!)
* Other various small bug fixes

Coming soon:
* Amnesiac fixes
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