Patch 3.3.0 Mafia Buffs and Ranked Season Ends

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Patch 3.3.0 Mafia Buffs and Ranked Season Ends

Postby shapesifter13 » Tue Oct 20, 2020 1:58 pm

Hey Townies,

Today we are releasing Town of Salem 3.3.0 with a squirming, heaping helping of scary new features, improvements, and bug fixes. To help you celebrate All Hallows’ Eve, we’ve added some new Halloween-themed cosmetics to the shop and Cauldron. Even better, we’ve loaded up your goodie bag by making both the Ambusher and Hypnotist roles available to play in Classic games. Oh, and here’s a fistful of Mafia buffs, including changes to Disguiser, Forger, and Framer. But let’s not stop there…we’ve also brought back Player Statistics and Leaderboards. On top of that, the Witch whispered in our ear that Ranked Season IV is ending, and Ranked Season V is being lined up for the near future. The full list of treats for this release can be found below.

• Login - Halloween-themed login background art and music for the holiday.
• Home - Added the Player Statistics and Leaderboards browser.

• Role Change - The Disguiser has been updated to not only allow changing their own investigative results, but to also allow them to change the investigative results of their Mafia allies. The game no longer shows the disguised role on the player’s death, but now instead changes Lookout results to show the Mafia visit as being a visit from another player being disguised as. Example: the Disguiser disguises player A as player B, player A visits player C, the Lookout watches player C, the Lookout sees player B (not Player A) visiting player C. This means Lookout results are no longer 100% trustworthy. The Disguiser being able to visit Mafia members also means that the Spy seeing Mafia visits doesn’t automatically confirm someone as non-Mafia anymore since the Spy will see the Disguiser visiting their Mafia teammate.
• Role Change - Forger - The ability to have false information displayed in the graveyard has been removed from the Disguiser, but the Forger has now gained that ability! Now when you forge a player you are able to select the role you would like that player to show up as in the graveyard. This should help players more easily make believable wills. We believe that misinformation is more powerful than removing information, so this ability has had its available number of uses to two.
• Role Change - Framer - Frames will now last until an investigative role targets the framed player, not just the night the player is framed.
• Game - The Ambusher and Hypnotist roles have escaped the Coven Expansion and are now available for play in ANY mode whose role list supports them, including Ranked.
• Transitions - New "Please wait..." overlays at various transition points in the game to prevent user interaction while the transitions are occurring, such as leaving a party or lobby, quitting a game, logging out, etc.
• Cosmetics - We’ve added some new Halloween-themed pets and a house.
• Taunts - We’ve added a new bats-themed taunt. Additional, the Celebrate! taunt fireworks animation has been improved to be more visible in game.
• Login - The feedback provided to player’s when they attempt to set a password that doesn’t meet the minimum requirements has been improved and clarified.
• Home - For our mobile platforms, we’ve added labels to the Navigation icons for clarity.
• Lobby - The Custom Lobby role summary for Lookout has been updated to include a reference about the new limit of spotting 3 people.
• Lobby - The Custom Lobby role summary for Jester has been updated to indicate abstaining voters are also susceptible to being haunted.
• Game - The role card in game will no longer hide the role description text after death. Instead, the role card will be tinted red and display a Tombstone image behind the text to indicate death. This is especially helpful for roles that still have abilities after death, such as the Medium.
• Game - The Trapper’s Trap Set icon will now display on the player where the trap has been set, instead of on the Trapper themselves.
• Game - For our non-mobile platforms, the game will now zoom in on executions that occurs after a guilty verdict has been rendered.
• Game - Added dazzle animation over center stage when moving to Last Words phase to reduce jarring transition of gallows disappearing, etc.
• Game - Due to the Disguiser buff, two of the Disguiser’s achievements have been updated. Master of Deceit is now awarded when you disguise the same person three times in a single game. Slippery Chameleon is now awarded the first time you deceive the Town with a disguise as is considered a shadow achievement, so you won’t know you’ve earned it until the end of the game. If you previously earned these awards in their old incarnations, you will retain them.
• Game - Pestilence role name in various places has been given a greenish outline color to make the black lettering stand out better from the background.

• Burger Menu - For our mobile platforms, we’ve added scrollbars to various submenu screens which previously displayed content that fell outside of the screen space and could not be scrolled to.
• Update Password - Fixed an issue where the help tooltip on the Update Password popup appeared underneath the popup.
• Home - For our mobile platforms, fixed a crash related to Unity Ads.
• Game Mode - The Play Solo button can no longer be quickly and repeatedly clicked, resulting in a server disconnect.
• Role Reveal - Game tip regarding Serial Killer visiting Escort now mentions the Serial Killer’s new Cautious ability.
• Game - The Serial Killer’s Cautious button will no longer activate for interaction at night if the Serial Killer is dead.
• Game - The player on trial will now properly show their initial execution idle animation when Last Words phase starts, instead of waiting until the execution begins.
• Game - When a player leaves the game during the voting phase, any votes that were made on them can now be undone by simply voting for another player.
• Game - The Van Helsing (Vampire Hunter skin) hanging animation will now properly appear.
• Game - The gallows image will now properly appear on the Little Big World and Under the Sea maps during hanging animations.
• Game - Janitors can now read a Bloody Will (bloody from a Serial Killer having killed them) for a player they cleaned.
• Game - When transporting a revealed Mayor, the second target buttons are no longer improperly labeled "Reveal”.
• Game - The Cancel Seance button for Medium will no longer improperly change back to Seance when night transition starts.
• Game - The Robot Santa on Trial skin scaling has been fixed.
• Game - Fixed Entoan pixel death animation repeating.
• Game - Fixed positioning of Uriel, Crimson Reaper, and Alabaster Reaper skins on trial position.
• Game - Fixed an issue on Lycanthrope skin Pixel Death animation.
• Game - Player name in header messages will now always properly appear in White font.
• Game - For our mobile platforms, the click sound that played when the targeting tabs were programmatically switched (such as when switching from Day to Night phase) has been silenced.
• Game - For our non-mobile platforms, pressing the Tab, Page Up, or Page Down keys in Last Will, Death Note, Notes (or pasting in text with tabs) no longer produces weird spacing issues.
• Game - For our non-mobile platforms, pasting tabs into a chat field no produces wide stretches of white space in the chat message.
• Game - For our non-mobile platforms, fixed the size of the Hypnotist Menu.
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