Patch 3.2.5 Neutral Killing Buffs!

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Patch 3.2.5 Neutral Killing Buffs!

Postby shapesifter13 » Mon Aug 10, 2020 3:24 pm

Hey Townies,

Today we are releasing Town of Salem 3.2.5 which includes a variety of role buffs and nerfs. This release also includes a long-awaited feature for our mobile version…inline targeting. Inline targeting will speed up targeting and reduce taps as you no longer need to open the targeting panel to target your victim. The full list of changes for this release can be found below.

• Game - (Mobile) Implemented in-place targeting ability buttons to speed up mobile targeting and reduce taps needed to successfully vote or target your victim.
• Game - (Non-mobile) The chat log filter dropdown has been expanded to show the entire 15 players in the game to eliminate the need to scroll through the dropdown.
• Game - Serial Killer Buff: The SK has been buffed so that their attacks will now penetrate role blocks, killing not only the target but also the blocker. The blocker’s Last Will will be bloodied and no longer legible. However, the SK also now has a special ability called Cautious which allows the SK to choose NOT to kill any role blockers. Note that Jailor and Pirate are considered super role blocks, so target penetration does not work against them. However, you can still choose to spare their lives using Cautious.
• Game - Arsonist Douse Buff: The Arsonist now has enhanced powers. They will passively douse anyone that visits them.
• Game - Werewolf Buff: After the fourth night, there is a full moon every night, which allows the werewolf to attack every night.
• Game - Juggernaut Buff: The Juggernaut now has Basic defense from the beginning of the game. They now gain some of their later abilities a kill earlier than before. Juggernaut will also now have the following results when investigated: “Your target could be a Lookout, Forger, Juggernaut, or Coven Leader.” Investigative results have also been updated for the other roles listed for Coven games.
• Game - Psychic Change: The Psychic’s abilities are no longer tied to full moon nights due to the werewolf change listed above. Instead, the Psychic’s abilities will simply be available on alternate nights.
• Game - Lookout Nerf: The Lookout now can only see up to three people that visit per night. If there are more than three visitors, the Lookout will be aware that there were more visitors but won’t be able to identify them.
• Lobby/Custom Game - Anonymous Voting: In a Custom game, the Host can select the option to have Anonymous Voting. This option will prevent votes from being tied to players, instead being reported as (for example): “Someone voted against Cotton Mather.” In this mode, you will not know who has voted, who has not, and what each player’s vote was.

Bug Fixes
• Game - Fixed the Transport button labels which were being populated with improper text.
• Game - Fixed an accidental nerf to the Witch and Coven Leader that resulted from the secondary targeting changes made in the previous release, whereby they could not make their victims target themselves.
• Game - Fixed the Tooltips on targeting buttons with custom role verbs not updating correctly.
• Game - Fixed narrow Last Wills and Death Notes on narrow screen aspect ratios such as 5:4.
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