Patch 3.2.4 The Retributionist Reborn

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Patch 3.2.4 The Retributionist Reborn

Postby shapesifter13 » Wed Jul 22, 2020 1:42 pm

Hey Townies,

Today we are releasing Town of Salem 3.2.4 which includes a design overhaul to the Retributionist role. We've also been listening to the community and made big improvements to the secondary targeting functionality for Retributionist, Necromancer, Witch, Coven Leader, and Transporter. This release also includes a number of other improvements, as well as bug and crash fixes. Check out everything that has changed below!

• Game - Retributionist Role has been reworked. It no longer resurrects a single role, once. Instead, it now can raise dead Town members as minions for one night, every night, similar to the Necromancer, but targeted to Town roles only. The Retributionist will have any information their minion receives forwarded to them.
• Game - Updated the following roles to use in-place secondary targeting rather than a slide-out secondary menu: Retributionist, Necromancer, Transporter, Witch, Coven Leader. This means that after you select your first target the targeting menu updates automatically, and you may choose your second target from the exact same place.
• Game - Amnesiac has been reworked to allow remembering unique Town roles, now that a Ret can't revive a unique role at the same time, or after an Amnesiac remembers it.
• Game - Juggernaut now has much better odds to show up in games.
• Game - Taunts from dead players can only be seen by other dead players and the taunt target.
• Game Feedback - Necromancer/CovenLeader/Witch now receive feedback messages similar to the feedback the Retributionist receives.
• Game Feedback - Added Ambusher night feedback when they attack someone.
• Passwords - Requirements for new/changed passwords have been updated to require lowercase, uppercase, digit, and at least one special symbol and min 10 characters, no spaces
• Customization - Selection popups will now open to the first page of items rather than the page that contains your current selection. This addresses an issue where players though they had not received a new item that they had received, which is usually located on the first page.
• Friends List - The number of friends you have is now displayed in the Friends List header.
• Burger Menu - Notification and Friend message counts will now update even if the menu is open.

• Friends List - Fixed a crash that could occur when clicking a friend that is in a game in the Friends List.
• Friends List - Fixed a crash that could occur when accessing the Friends List after having already played a game.
• Friend Chat - Chat box placeholder text will now properly show that you cannot chat with an offline friend if the friend goes offline while you are chatting with them.
• Customization - Fixed issue loading the Spaceship background in Customization on WebGL.
• Customization - Fixed issue loading the Love Shack house in Customization on WebGL
• Game Chat - Fixed issue where player could send a message immediately after dying and it would appear as regular chat rather than dead chat, though only Dead could actually see the message.
• Game Feedback - Necromancer reanimate actions are now displayed correctly to teammates.
• Game Feedback - Spy will now get their ability feedback the night they die.
• Game - HexMaster will now wipeout the town if they hex their final target the same night they die.
• Game - Fixed Bodyguard and HexMaster skin positioning in positions 7 and 8.
• Game - Fixed a glitch in the Kunoichi Walking animation.
• Game - Reanimated ambusher will no longer attack roles that attempted to visit but were roleblocked.
• Game - Fixed bug when Jailor was killed by jailing Pestilence.
• Game - AFK logout no longer results in Abnormal Disconnection message on WebGL.
• Game - Fixed disconnection due to ArgumentNullException when receiving role info.
• Game - Fixed disconnection that could occur when validating the game setup in the lobby.
• Game - Fixed disconnection that could occur due to NullReferenceException when revealing role after player lynched.
• Game - Fixed disconnection that could occur due to ArgumentOutOfRangeException when clicking Next or Previous page pips.
• Game - Fixed disconnection that could occur due to NullReferenceException when attempting to show a promo.
• Game - Fixed disconnection that could occur due to NullReferenceException when a character is walking to center for trial.
• ELO - Minimum ELO gains have been fixed.
• Achievements - Improved clarity of Psychopathic Pact wording to indicate that both SKs must be alive to earn the achievement.
• Achievements - Due to change in Retributionist gameplay, changed the Executioner achievement that required a Retributionist to revive their target. You may now earn an achievement for getting your target executed on Day 10 or later.
• Achievements - Retributionist achievements reworked due to change in role mechanics.
• Achievements - Fixed a variety of bugs whereby a role would improperly earn an achievement when reanimated by a Necromancer.
• Server - No longer attempts to send successful hanging message to a Jester that has left the game.
• Server - No longer attempts to send execution message to a jailed player that has left the game.
• Server - Refactored role pointers to prevent server crashes.
• Server - Attack/Defense feedback improved to be more standardized. Temporary defense given by certain roles through game mechanics such as healing now give attackers the 'Your target's defense was too high' feedback.
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