Patch 3.2.3 Web, Steam, and Mobile release!

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Patch 3.2.3 Web, Steam, and Mobile release!

Postby shapesifter13 » Fri Jun 26, 2020 10:14 pm

Hey Townies,

Today we are releasing Town of Salem 3.2.3. This release we focused mostly on a lot of bug and crash fixes. We hope this will fix many users' recent issues with abnormal disconnects.

Game Chat - The Copy capability in chat history/log is now limited to actual chat messages, and is not available for feedback or other messages. This is to interrupt the meta that has developed where players are requested to copy their feedback message and paste it in their chat to prove their role.

Customization - Fixed Character skin sometimes appearing in incorrect size on first open.
Logout - Logging out on web now immediately logs you out, rather than waiting for browser tab to be closed.
Lobby - Fixed an edge case where a player could potentially open a Lobby and immediately start a single-player game.
Lobby - Fixed word wrap that could occur in Lobby header text on Mobile platforms.
Lobby and Game - Fixed Psychic role description.
Game - Fixed Kitsune pet in positions 14 & 15 becoming very small during death animation.
Customization and Game - Fixed OhmWrecker and OhmWreckerPet not loading.
Game - Fixed issue where sometimes night chat would not immediately appear.
Game - Fixed crash in PreGame that could occur when receiving role info.
Lobby - Fixed a user disconnection that could occur when a player joins the lobby.
General - Fixed a crash that could occur when processing text specific to a platform.
General - Fixed an infrequent crash that could occur when a text timer is updated.
Game - Fixed a crash that could occur during role reveal following a death.
General - Fixed a crash that could occur when attempting to tab between fields in the Login screen.
Coven Leader with Necronomicon will now die to trap placed by controlled trapper on themself.
Fixed early award of multi-trap achievement.
Trapper will no longer die to attack if another Trapper has placed a trap on them.
Necromancer no longer receives two messages when selecting self to summon a ghoul.
Necromancer re-animate actions are now displayed correctly to teammates.
Dual trappers can now save each other if they have placed traps on each other and both are attacked.
Traps will now be removed when a player that left enters graveyard.
An Amnesiac remembering dead coven can now receive the Necronomicon.
Trappers are now role blocked from building their trap by Pirates.
Traps placed by a deceased Trapper are now removed after triggering.
Mafioso will now die to trap placed on another trapper.
Dead coven will now see targeting of Medusa with Necronomicon.
Fixed Coven teammates seeing zombie targeting message when Necromancer summons a ghoul.
Fixed a very complicated Trapper-Hex Master interaction that could result in a player dying to a trap that should have previously triggered.

We did a mid patch update to fix some crash issues for web users, but some non-web related things were also added in these patches. The following patch notes apply to Steam and mobile, but have already been applied to web previously.

• Game - Added a fancy new Jailed screen overlay when you are jailed.
• Game - Optimized performance of chat log.
• General - A number of code optimizations throughout to enhance performance.
• Game - System messages will now be written to the chat log.

• Friends List - Your friends Coven ownership is now correctly shown, regardless of whether they are online or not.
• Game - Fixed an issue where chat messages containing an asterisk could be truncated.
• Game - Removed the click sound that played when the Jailor Death Note was displayed.
• Game - Fixed an issue where non-Mafia roles could be unexpectedly promoted to Mafioso.
• Loading - Mobile - Fixed an issue where a corrupt local manifest was not correctly updated during startup.
• Registration - Fixed an issue where an invalid username could be used during account creation.
• Shop - Fixed an issue where the Serial Killer scroll image would not display in shop.
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