Town of Salem 3.2.0 Patch

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Town of Salem 3.2.0 Patch

Postby PyromonkeyGG » Thu May 28, 2020 1:29 pm

Hey Townies, today we are pleased to announce the release of Town of Salem 3.2, with a new Game Mode called Town Traitor. In this new game, one Town member has decided to side with either the Mafia or Coven and is secretly working against the Town. It was already hard to know who to trust, now the paranoia ratchets even higher!

In addition to the new Town Traitor game mode, this release completes our multi-year effort to transition our platform-specific products from multiple languages and game engines onto Unity, a modern game engine with a bright future. Read more about this below.

• General (Web) - As many of you know, our web version of Town of Salem ran on a dying technology called Flash. Porting our game to a modern game engine was critical because Flash is reaching its end-of-life soon. While we had previously successfully transitioned our Mobile and Steam products to Unity, with this release the final piece—our web-based game—has been ported to Unity using WebGL. This new, revitalized web version benefits from the many visual and technological improvements that we developed while porting our mobile and Steam products. If you play Town of Salem on any of our other platforms, the new look and feel should be very familiar. Coding to a single game engine with one code base allows us to be more agile, and we’re looking forward to bringing you some cool new stuff in the near future.
• Game - New Town Traitor and Coven Town Traitor game modes. Figure out which Town member has gone over to the dark side!
• Game - Performance improvements when opening the Chat Log.
• Game - Performance improvements to the Judgement Menu.
• Game - Improved resolution of some additional character skins.
• Registration - To prevent frequent mistakes when typing email address during registration, added a second email confirmation input box requiring the email to be entered twice and match in both entries.

• Game - Notepad has been fixed to appear in front of the Judgement Menu.
• Game - Fixes to ticket system.
• Game - Crystal Fighter hanging animation fixed.
• Game - Fixed Stargal skin sometimes not displaying.
• Game - Fixed Player Already Reported issue.
• Game - Fixed issue where clicking Last Will or Death Note button in graveyard could close an already-open will or death note rather than open the newly selected item.
• Customization - Fixes to placement of items on screen.
• Party - It is no longer possible to accidentally start a 1-person game by spam clicking the Start button.
• Lobby - Fixed Psychic description.
• Featured Items - Restricted users can no longer purchase the Winter Wonder taunt from Featured Items.
• Backgrounds - Fixed stretched background images on Login, Home, Lobby, and End Game screens.
• Various crash fixes.
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