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Postby shapesifter13 » Mon Apr 20, 2020 6:21 pm

Hey Townies,
Today we are releasing Town of Salem patch 3.1.15. Our programmers have been hard at work on the web port of the game in Unity, and with other features your can read about here: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=107706

Meanwhile, our artist has been hard at work on creating some cool new cosmetics. Whether you like to punch, slice, or perhaps be a little sneakier, we have a full team of crystal themed cosmetics and more coming your way!


• Login screen updated with Crystal Fighters theme.
• Characters - Crystal Fighter, Crystal Kunoichi, Crystal Samurai.
• Pets - Crystal Thief, White Tiger.
• Houses - Crystal Chateau, Spaceship, One Man’s Trash.
• Background - Crystal Haven, Under The Sea, Little Big World.
• Music - New Crystal-themed login music.


• Winter Wonder - This new taunt will make it snow over a character.


• Server - Password reset links now expire after use, and after a period of time if not used.
• Server - Account deletion links now expire after use, and after a period of time if not used.
• General - Certain popups now include a link to the password reset page.


• Lightning Death Animation - Fixed issues for Necromancer skin.
• Guillotine Death Animation - Fixed issues for a number of character skins.
• Friends - Added user feedback when manually inviting a misspelled friend name that doesn’t exist.
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