Patch 3.1.14

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Patch 3.1.14

Postby shapesifter13 » Tue Mar 31, 2020 2:00 pm

Hey Townies,

Today we are releasing Town of Salem patch 3.1.14. This patch contains several improvements to feedback given to users, changes to improve consistency across platforms, and bug fixes. We are also implementing some new features to help deal with ban evaders more effectively.

• General - Lightened the hue of the Serial Killer blue role color as it was often too dark to easily read.
• Account Creation - Added some more specific feedback on why a username is not allowed.
• General - Feedback is now provided after correctly solving a captcha.
• Lobby - The Add Role button in Custom Lobby was changed to say Toggle Host Controls.
• Lobby - Changed the Title of the Host Controls slideout from Add Roles to Host Controls.
• Lobby (Non-mobile) - Adding roles from the Host Controls slide out now require a double-click rather than single-click. Mobile retains the single-click ability.
• Game - Last Will - For consistency with Notes, moved the Send Will to Chat button to the bottom right corner.
• Game - Increased middle scroll button speed on chat box history.
• Other non-user facing changes.

• Chromebook - Fixed enter key not sending chat messages. Must enable the Send Chat on Lost Focus checkbox in the Burger Menu.
• Startup - Fixed client hang when unable to process a particular startup file.
• Burger Menu - Fixed Ranked Statistics label incorrectly showing Pre-Ranked Statistics on first open even though user has reached Ranked status.
• Shop - Fixed issue where restricted free users could access the shop by attempting to purchase a potion in the Cauldron with insufficient TP.
• Lobby - Fixed issue in Custom lobbies where duplicate or other quantity-limited roles could be improperly added to the role list resulting in an unstartable game.
• General - Fixed some instances where free Coven tickets were earned but couldn’t be used.
• Game - Fixed incorrect tracker results when Mafioso picks one victim but Godfather chooses another.
• Game - Fixed Tracker detecting Godfather visiting victim when Godfather orders Mafia to kill the victim.
• Game - Fixed a Tracker tracking Godfather bug.
• Game - Added Medusa vs. Transporter stalemate detector.
• Game - Added Jailor (no executions remaining) vs. Coven Leader stalemate detector.
• Game - Added Hex Master and a Jailor with no executions remaining stalemate detector.
• Game - Added Escort vs. Vampire stalemate detector.
• Game - Added pirate win check during all dead scenario.
• Game - Juggernaut will remove poison when gaining basic defense.
• Game - Tracker would incorrectly see someone visiting when roleblocked/dueled & controlled.

• The filter used for account names is now more strict.
• We will now verify a RAF name exists before allowing you to create your account.
• We are implementing a new system to restrict IPs when a player is banned. This will not affect a majority of users, but will stop abuse cases.
• When a Steam user is banned or suspended their Steam ID will go into a permanent table to prevent abuse of the account deletion feature to avoid bans.
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