patch 3.1.13

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patch 3.1.13

Postby shapesifter13 » Wed Mar 18, 2020 6:54 pm

Hey Townies,

We have a whole heap of new cosmetic items coming your way! While we have been working on different improvements to our Unity versions of the game our artist has been hard at work on some sweet new cosmetics. We will be making some older cosmetics purchasable with Merit Points , and Taunts will be purchasable with Merit Points now as well! Check out everything that has changed below:

• Cosmetics - Characters: Hex Master, Consort, Hypnotist and Vigilante.
• Cosmetics - Pets: Owl.
• Cosmetics - Houses: Aquarium, Sphinx, and Tipi.
• Cosmetics - Backgrounds: Alien, Army, and Construction.
• Cosmetics - The following are now purchasable with Merit Points: Crusader, Poisoner, Medusa, and all Taunts.

• Game - Role Card - When dead, the empty role card now includes a transparent tombstone graphic.
• Game - Mobile only - the copy button visible on each chat log entry has been removed .To copy a chat message, simply press and hold the message until the message is copied.
• Game - For the Vampire Hunter, overheard vampire chats now have a unique style.

• Burger Menu - Help button now properly directs to FAQ page.
• General - Updated support email address to
• General - Mobile - Background music/sounds from other applications are now allowed to play again. Play your own music again!
• General - Mobile - Fixed logging out via burger menu sometimes resulting in Disconnected popup.
• Login - Fixed stutter when music starts to play.
• Home Live Tile - Fixed card game (NSFW) missing Spanish translation.
• Friends - Online friends light pip now properly changes to green (online) after they leave a game.
• Pick Names screen - (Spanish Mobile) - fixed screen header text improperly wrapping.
• Pick Names screen - Mobile - moved name input up even more because it still overlaps chat on iPhoneX.
• Game - Fixed the Chat filter potentially showing misleading information to Vampire Hunters.
• Game - Fixed issue with Last Will improperly allowing some rich text markup (like red or green text, for instance). This was not compatible with all clients.
• Game - Mobile - Last Will Close Without Save button is fixed to no longer send will to chat.

• Disk full errors are handled better and reported to the player to take action.
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