Patch 3.1.10 Steam Unity

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Patch 3.1.10 Steam Unity

Postby shapesifter13 » Mon Jan 13, 2020 9:17 pm

Hey Townies,

Today we are releasing Town of Salem for Steam patch 3.1.10. This release resolves some Steam login and linking issues, and also includes some additional improvements and bug fixes. Here’s the list of changes included in this patch:

• Account Profile - Reduced the size of Scrolls and Taunts list items in Account Profile.
• Character Skins - Improved resolution of Jester and Brock Smith skins.
• Pick Name Screen - Added new warning message about selecting a name.
• Notifications - Moved the Accept/Decline buttons into the main button so you don’t have to expand the main button to accept or decline a notification.
• Game - Lovers Mode - changed cause of death from Suicide to Broken Heart when lovers die.
• Game Chat - System messages now print in chat as yellow text rather than white.
• Game - Targeting tab at night is no longer auto-activated when dead unless you are a GA or Jester with ability remaining.
• Game - Targeting tab at day is no longer auto-activated when dead unless you are a Medium with an ability remaining.

• General - Text localization is applied earlier so you don’t see the text flash.
• Steam Linking popup - now has a checkbox to hide the popup for future logins.
• Navigation Menu - Cauldron icon timer text is now properly aligned.
• Featured Items - coin image on button no longer blocks click.
• Referral Codes Screen - now localizes properly.
• Game Chat Log - fixed some weirdness with autoscrolling.
• Game Target Menu - Fixed issue with Arsonist douse icon when changing mind to ignite.
• Game Target Menu - Disguiser dying as Medium will no longer get Seance buttons.
• Game - Plaguebearer and Pestilence no longer have Death Note buttons.

• Fixed pregame crash due to stray message.
• Fixed ArgumentOutOfRangeException that could occur when user chooses name.
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