BMing/Forging n1?

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Re: BMing/Forging n1?

Postby kosmo16 » Fri Nov 15, 2019 1:42 am

Dallasfootball04 wrote:When I am a forger/framer, I normally go on TP/LO claim day 1 so if LO sees me, I am "confirmed" as TP. If not, then you know no spy and can forge/frame as you please.

Shouldn't bm/frame/forge N1 bc it really is useless and spy can prove townies when you random. Best to wait as a bmer and then bm a TI so no one knows

Best bet is bm a LO and then kill TP. It won't matter if LO sees bc they can't tell anyone

You can spam votes to reveal you are bm'd... Also have you ever seen Blackmailer Investigator/Spy strat? If not then you shouldnt say blackmailing n1 is useless. :)
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