Why lynch or execute a known Executioner?

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Re: Why lynch or execute a known Executioner?

Postby Kombinator1991 » Wed Feb 27, 2019 1:38 am

If exe known, then often target known too. In that case town can only give win if they are in really good position, and otherwise exe sides with maf.. Or target dead, and that means exe becomes jester. Now jester only sides with those who are willing to lynch him in the end. So either town takes that risk, or evil wins. For some reason i cannot understand most town don't take the risk of % chance to win over 0 chance.

Last option is that exe won already. In that case he unlikely remembers who gave the win. So it's up to person at that point. Or just goes afk which is siding with evil.
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Re: Why lynch or execute a known Executioner?

Postby jucktropy » Thu Feb 28, 2019 2:27 am

1st their alignment is different they can win with everyone
2nd Their target might live in the end of the game so he might betray town to win
3rd become a Jester And Survive the game change the game by one vote for their goals to win so..

Lynch Exe In the first of the game (do not lynch exe in losing sitution cause they might turn against you)
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