How to Coven (VIP Mode)

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How to Coven (VIP Mode)

Postby kyuss420 » Thu Aug 23, 2018 3:59 am

Seems 90% of people dont know how to play as coven in VIP mode, so I thought Id post some hints, hopefully without revealing all my secrets.

First, we should rank the importance of coven members:
1. Coven Leader - controlling is OP, the only way to break a crus and VIP TP chain.
2. Potion Master - can kill the VIP (if known) while CL is controlling the crusader away (If CL dies while doing this, you have won anyway, the sacrifice is worth it)
3. Hex Master - Astral attack means you dont visit, you can bypass traps and BGs. You dont die to crusaders, but they still protect. Can kill a protected VIP late game
4. Necromancer - can get some kills IF a vigi dies, or if a TP isnt stoned, can always bust a pesky trap on the VIP without dieing
5. Medusa - important for n1 and n2 kills, useless after that, always sacrifice yourself in place of CL if you are both about to be lynched
6. Poisoner - too slow of a killer in this mode, good for killing off a few random townies, or getting a doctor away from the crusader.

* Coven Leader - targeting - remember, this isnt a last man standing mode. You need to kill the VIP, and you cant do that with TP on them. By day 6 psychic has had 3 evil visions, so you need the TP dead by then. Theres 4 TP so they are the biggest targets. Killing them gives less claim space, But chances are, no one will believe your TP claim and lynch you anyway, leaving your coven with an extra night needed to win the game. Always send your targets to medusa n1 and n2.

* If you roll Medusa, you should always gaze n1 and n2. If CL dies and you get the necro, you wont need your gazes anyway. After n2 you should sacrifice yourself if you and CL are on psy visions

* Potion Master - Randomly killing n1, just cos you can, isnt always the best move. If pirate dies to crusader on the VIP, you cant kill the VIP next night, if you wasted your kill potion. If CL is controlling the crusader n1, you have a 1 in 10 shot of killing the VIP, but if you hit the GA, you wasted your kill for 3 days. Also, revealing potion will break traps and you wont die, so revealing a known role isnt so dumb, especially if a trapper would have trapped the guy.

* Claiming - if youre on psy vision, always claim a TP role. As coven you need to find these targets fast. Getting counter claimed is the easiest way to find them. Sure you may die, but your coven now know who to kill, and they dont waste a night randomly killing the GA or something just as bad. Claiming vigi is a 50/50 shot that he will cc. If he doesnt, he will shoot you if you get innoed. Claiming sheriff/tracker/TS is just pointless, as they are expendable roles for town, and low priority targets. Claiming pirate or GA depends on which faction the neutrals side with. Most neutrals are sandbox players and side with town (to the point where its been me, as coven, my GA, 1 townie and the VIP left, and the GA decides to side with town).

* Coven Leader - has basic defence n3 onwards and wont die to crusader. Night 1 and N2 you dont actually attack, so you are immune to traps and BG those nights. This can leave the crusader open for sending to medusa the first 2 nights. Also when you have defence, you can make the crusader target himself, so the crus may kill any TP that are on him.

* N1 - Crusader usually claims day 1. If someone claims to be on the crusader, control them to medusa and let the PM kill the crusader. Thats 2 TP dead, and your job half done. If you have a Necromancer, coven also get a crus for a night. Problem is, a smart tracker will also be on that 2nd TP claim, which will out the medusa, leaving you with no killing power n2, unless you manage to guess the vigi (who will be someone who didnt claim, but you will know psy, tracker, 2 roles from the vision, with 2 dead TP, thats a 1 in 5 shot at guessing the vigi, even less if the GA or sheriff claimed).

Have fun witches! Also, if you know how to play a town role, then you should know what that role will be doing on any particular night, and who they will be visiting ;)
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Re: How to Coven (VIP Mode)

Postby frds628 » Wed Aug 29, 2018 8:56 am

Good advice, definitely going to use this. Couple things I'll add:

* A full VFR is your worst enemy, as you have no claimspace - if town gets a claim from everyone, you're stuck with a TP claim, which will get you killed as soon as TP die, or something that's easily countered like Sheriff.

* Identifying VIP. Town members usually don't put VIP's name in their wills. Therefore, you can find VIP by looking at who isn't in anyone's will. Also, if town is actively VRFing silent players and they skip a quiet person...guess who that is.
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Re: How to Coven (VIP Mode)

Postby Amythyr » Mon Sep 03, 2018 8:35 am

Good Advice

Always kill goose n1/d2
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Re: How to Coven (VIP Mode)

Postby nocturnalpuff » Mon Sep 03, 2018 9:26 am

Nice! Teach me all the things!

(Also any bird themed name has a 8/10 chance of being evil, or a GA, so watch out!)
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