Exe Strats (based on target role) (CLASSIC ONLY)

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Exe Strats (based on target role) (CLASSIC ONLY)

Postby OreCreeper » Sat Aug 01, 2020 2:42 pm

A list of decent exe strats depending on your target's role.

- Claim Sheriff/Investigator and push your target. Sheriff is a pretty weak claim, so town will most likely lynch your target over you. If they accuse someone, say the person they accuse is innocent. This usually also gets your target lynched because its a 2 for 1.

- Claim Sheriff and accuse your target of being a Consigliere. Works best if there's no spy. If there is, you should accuse them of being a BMer, and you can also claim Investigator while doing this.
- Claim Spy and say that mafia visited who your target checked. Works best if there's no spy, but you might have to guess if the jailor was rbed or not. If theres no jailor claim d1 or spy, this strategy is almost a guaranteed win.

- Spies will usually be confirmed by D2 if jailor comes out, so it will be harder to push them. If there is only one RB and one mafia visit, you need to accuse the Spy of being a consort by claiming Investigator.
- Alternatively, you can cc spy and say your target's results are fake.
- A very situational strategy is if you called for tp/lo d1, and your target is the only spy claim who bugged you. You can then say your target's bug is fake. In this case, the Jailor is usually unrevealed, so you can claim Jailor if people start pushing you for a role. If you get your target on the stand, claiming Jailor is guaranteed lynch since the real Jailor would have no time to cc, and even if they do, they'd likely get drowned out by all the spam.

- Lookouts are easily confirmable by the meta, so this role is basically impossible to lynch. However, with the new update, you need to cc Lookout who was "witched", and accuse your target of being the Witch who stole your results. This isn't that effect if there's another Lookout though. If there are 2 Lookouts, lynching your target is impossible unless you can get evils to help you during evil majority, or town is really dumb.

- You can usually just accuse your target as a Sheriff to get them lynched, assuming the Mafioso is alive and there is at least 1 cc.
- You can also cc TK, and your target will likely shoot you and find you immune. Here, you need to employ the classic Godfather strat of saying you shot your target and they were immune.

- This role is harder to lynch than Vigilante. If you accuse your target as TI, you will likely be lynched first since Veterans are unique and trusted more. So what you need to do, is you need to cc Veteran. Do this as soon as possible, before someone can confirm your target. You will likely get your target lynched first, since towns usually push the claimer over the cc'er.

- You can just say your target is the Arsonist. This is usually enough for dumber players to lynch your target with enough ccs. You can also claim Vigilante who found your target immune.

- You need to say your target is Spy, BMer, Jailor or Framer, Vampire, Jester and accuse them of being RM on jailor. If there is a cc, this usually gets your target lynched, assuming the RM did visit the Jailor N1, which they always should.

- You can just claim Sheriff or Investigator as Mediums are hard to prove. You need to make a play fast though, always before N2, as any other mediums will confirm your target, and it will be harder to push them later. If your target is the only Medium, you can cc Medium and call them fake. This usually works from my experience.

- You need to say your target is suspicious as Sheriff. You should accuse them of being the Consort, as they will likely RB any TP/LO request or the Jailor, and RM should be on the same person as well.
- You can also cc your target's claim, if they become confirmed for whatever reason. This is another hard 1 for 1, and again, town usually lynches the claimer over the cc'er in those situations.

- Basically the same strat. Copy your target's will and hard cc Transporter.

- For both the legacy Retributionist and the current one, hard cc'ing Retributionist is the optimal strategy.
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Re: Exe Strats (based on target role) (CLASSIC ONLY)

Postby MysticMismagius » Sun Aug 02, 2020 1:16 pm

The issue here is that you might have to claim something else in order to get their role out of them in the first place (especially for more powerful roles that won't just claim for no reason)

If Exe was told the role of their target, this would be great
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