Faction Development

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Faction Development

Postby Gooose26 » Thu Apr 12, 2018 8:48 pm

Faction Development

Greetings ~ Welcome to the Faction Development thread. Dedicated to bringing attention and improvement to your faction! Factions are typically avoided or neglected due to the amount of effort, mantinence and dedication required to improve them. As a result, myself and Parallax7, have set out to form a community that panders to all of those seeking insight and development of their faction.

No longer shall you have your threads and concepts disregarded by virtue of their size or substance. Join us, and end the suffering of the daring few who seek a better Salem through means other than mere roles.

Rules & Standards
The following are policies and regulations regarding our community and discord. These procedures and expectations are subject to change.

1. Harassment or bullying of any discernible kind will not be tolerated.
2. Graphic or lewd content may not be posted.
3. Advertising other servers or other communities without consent is prohibited.
4. Spamming is prohibited - unless done in a specified ‘appropriate’ area.
5. Usage of any language apart from English is prohibited.
6. Punishment/ban evading is strictly prohibited.

Moderators and community leaders reserve the right to police the community with both established regulations and personal judgement.
Additionally each breech in a rule will result in a warning ~ followed by a final warning, until resulting in a ban. Severity being determined on a case by case basis.

4/10/18: Discord server has been revived, and thread overhauled.
4/10/18: Parallax7 is appointed as a moderator.
4/17/18: The Coven Rework Project officially started.
4/18/18: Game Nights have officially started.
4/19/18: Various discord changes, including the addition of new channels, improved rules_and_faq and the rearranging of role. Darth (SkyW) is promoted to Moderator.
4/22/18: Official thread is given sticky status in the Role Ideas forum.
6/7/18: Episode I has ended! Serial Killer and Witch win!
7/28/18: Episode II has ended! Cult win!
7/28/18: Zee (Zee235) was promoted to Moderator.

Branded Factions

In order to get a faction on this list, you must apply your faction to an FD Moderator and get majority support from the Balancers.
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Coven 2.0 & Game Night!

Postby Parallax7 » Wed Apr 18, 2018 7:12 pm


Greetings people of FD ~ April 17th marked the beginning of one of our favored aspirations. Balancing Coven we shall fix the faction that the developers created. In its current state, it is comparable to a sick and dying dog, needing to be put out of its misery. However, we will not do that, no. We shall balance it, and submit a new and improved Coven 2.0!

Notably, the next two weeks will be dedicated to this arduous task. Starting May 1st, testing for Coven 2.0 will commence, and checks and balances, as well as modifications will be made for the entirety of the month. June 1st, the finalized and ‘perfected’ Coven will either be submitted to the testing grounds, or to the FM Community for an FM game that would facilitate a game and test in one.

Start getting to work! We need all of you to help make a better Coven, and residually a better Salem! It is our duty and desire as FD!

•Do not hesitate to message a moderator if you any inquiries concerning these ambitions ~to get better involved and seek a better Coven, and residually better Salem come to our discord!

Game Nights!

In other news ~ to strengthen the hospitality and friendly vibe of our community, every weekend Friday & Saturday, 8 PM - 2 AM EST, we will be having game nights! It is encouraged you participate in these junctions. The game will generally be voted upon by the community. If there’s is a specific game you have in mind, message a moderator your idea. We’re open to anything, really.
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Re: Faction Development

Postby Gooose26 » Sun Jul 22, 2018 7:47 pm

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is Faction Development (FD)?

A: FD is a community driven effort to developing, balancing, and testing factions. It was created by Gooose26, with it's main goal being to balance out the infamous "Coven" as well as balancing other factions created by the community. However, we're mostly here for the fun of balance.

Q: How can I help?

A: The easiest way to help is to look at factions and help develop them. Any support is appreciated and helps make our community better.

Q: How do I get roles?

A: You can apply for the positions of

- Recuiter - Applying for Recruiter means you will try to recruit people into FD.
- Faction Creator - Simply have created a faction and you will receive this role.
- Balancer - This is for users who dedicate time to balancing factions, only for those with a good sense of balance.
- Trusted User - This is for users who have been active for at least a month and have not broken any rules.
- Host - This is for users who want to host games. These users must prove that they are suitable for the position when applying.

To which if you qualify for them, you will most certainly be accepted into it.

You should not apply for the positions of

- Moderator, This will only be given to people who seem like a good fit and when we need new moderators
- Game Winner, This will be given out automatically to people who have won FD run games.

Q: What is #coven-rework-project ?

A: Coven rework project is the place to be if you want to help in our first main endvaour, replacing and balancing the coven. Everyone is welcome to participate.

Q: What is #faction-discussion ?

A: Faction discussion is where people can freely speak about balancing and developing any faction, from it's early stages to it's finalizations

Q: Who are the staff members and what do they do?

A: Currently Element83, Parallax (Parallax7), Zee (Zee235) and Gooose (Gooose26) are the Moderators of the community and can be asked anything related to Faction Development!
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Re: Faction Development

Postby Zee235 » Thu Aug 30, 2018 5:41 pm

Faction Development's Official Test record

This is were all tests that have been ongoing since 8/30/18 will be recorded. Basic information and analysis will be kept with each test record. The casual and official tests will be kept separately as they will show us different results. The following are the ongoing tests that have been active since 8/30/18.
Official Tests

All tests that have been active since 8/30/18 have been canned. We are holding a poll for the next faction to test. If you are interested please DM a moderator.
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