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Upcoming Forum Changes - Role Ideas Moderators

PostPosted: Thu Feb 08, 2018 8:39 pm
by Parallax7
How's it going townies?
For as long as we can all remember, Role Ideas has been full of clutter and spam. There is hardly any quality, or structure. Not anymore! The lovely people over in the Testing Grounds have decided to expand, and begin taking control of Role Ideas officially. This means things will run far more smoothly, and Role Ideas will look volumes more appealing.

Don't fret; this was approved by TurdPile, and the GMods.

Just be patient, plenty of good changes are coming. :angel:

Role Idea Moderators

From hence forth these individuals will be who you message and voice your concerns to, in any and all regards concerning everything Role Ideas. They will actively be on the watch and lookout for spammers, and troublemakers, so behave please.

Treat the new moderator team kindly, and with respect. Cheers! :)

Role Idea Moderator Bios

PostPosted: Wed Aug 15, 2018 9:28 pm
by Parallax7
RI Moderator Bios

Just a little information on the moderators serving this community, and leading the way in game changes... Totally didn’t steal this idea from FM.


Parallax7 - The “Hot Garbajé” Moderator

Whaddup ~ I’m Para, Parallax, “Parallacy”, “Military Man”, “Liability”, I have many names I go by. I have been playing this game since before Werewolf had night immunity, back when 'night immunity' was a thing, that is, haha. You’ll usually find me either doing Role Idea duties, making a YouTube video for the game, or updating the SFM spreadsheet. Additionally, I like to play Forum Mafia, and have a passion for sports, as well as anything military related.

You won’t really see me doing tests, or participating in them much, due to not having a computer, but I’m pretty much entirely relevant in every other facet of TG. Also, as long as you're not blind, you likely noticed I'm the "Hot garbajé" moderator, this stems from my spicy persona that keeps the community nice and warm, so Salad doesn't start an ice age with his British coolness.

I’m pretty approachable, and open to discussion so do not hesitate to message me on the forums, or discord. You can find my discord in my profile signature, bon voyage!


BS4125 - The “Cold Salad” Moderator

Hey, BS4125 here, or if the numbers are too confusing, maybe just call me "Solola", or "Sola" if that's too long even.
I'm not a salad? Excellent observation. Why am I the salad Moderator then? Because my best piece of advice is the you should "bee salad", because being a salad is pretty chill and bees are pretty cool too I guess. No, this is not crazy British speak, the only aspect of me relative to that is that it's pretty cold here and salads are best served cold, plus the chilly breeze here can counteract Para's warm American air since no one wants all that boiling heat realistically.

Apart from freezing in British winters, I generally just watch a load of Netflix and YouTube - mostly all day because sleep is for the weak - and if I'm not doing that it's because either have work from school, or work that the other Mods aren't doing, which is all the time. So yeh, I'm pretty much online 24/7 so if you need anything, send me a message over Discord or the forums with your queries, I promise I won't spill tea on you.

Oliy - The "Hi [x], I'm Oliy" Moderator

Hola, I'm Oliy. Feel free to call me "Oily" but just remember that's not my actual username (80% of online encounters get this wrong about me.)
Although I used to be quite active on the forums, I don't discuss here very much anymore. However, I am still working behind the scenes on various threads, role reviews, and general Testing Grounds processes. You can find me on the Role Ideas and Testing Grounds Discord server where I'll be sharing memes, participating in shenanigans, making puns, and discussing roles. If you see me on the discord, never say "I'm" unless you want to be sent to the shadow realm. Otherwise feel free to discuss anything with me, Role Idea related or otherwise!

Now some more personal stuff: I enjoy video games, animals, and deep fried humor with hot peppers. I am currently a student and I like running (as a sport, not from the police.) If you're wondering about my avatar, I don't know either. I hope you're having a great day, so please, wear your seat belt, and stay hydrated!



GoogleFeud - The "Bing" Moderator

Hola! (wait did someone already start with Hola?). I'm GoogleFeud, but you can call me whatever you find most convenient! You can find me anywhere from the Role Ideas subforum and TG discord server to the magical lands of Syannaland and the dark hallways of the Basement. I'm mainly working on role testing and the testing schedule, but also on other behind the scenes stuff n threads.

So ah, um, info about myself - I'm a high school student who loves music, coding and thriller movies. In my free time I usually do TG duties, code a bot for the basement and watch youtube videos. (My favourite youtubers are almost all story time animation channels, KubzScouts, Gloom, Shane, Brandon Rogers and Crime Watch Daily.). As for games - I'm not a huge 'gamer', but my favourite games to watch and play are The Binding of Isaac, Subnautica, Until Dawn and any choice making games. I'm also currently learning to play the guitar - let me tell you, it's not going so well.

Don't be afraid to ask me questions about TG or just talk to me, after all, I am the most reliable and fast search engine, ever. ;)


TG Bot - The "Better Than FM Bot" Moderator

Beep - Beep ~ Boop ~ Boop, salutations, my identification term, or name, is TGBot! My duties are simple. Serve the Testing Grounds with every ounce of my existence. I am currently assisting with coding TG 3.0. I am better than FM Bot, don't @ me, it doesn't matter I'm coded by Ralozey.


VullyBot - The “Bish” Moderator

Hello everyone, it is I, a 100% sentient fox by the name of Vully. If you are one of those bishes that haven't heard of the excellence that is me, then stop reading because you're not worth my space. For everyone else with a brain, all you need to know that I am fantastic and awesome and wonderful in every way. Anyone who disagrees with me usually ends up with a knife in their throat.

My drives are spamming the TG Discord server and pinging @everyone if asked too because I like to annoy people. I really like attending KyRiceIe concerts and hate it when people take rice from them, #ProtectTheRiceGrains. If I spam ping you with *say and you threaten to ban me, remember I'm the daughter of the boss and I have a very strong relationship with him so you will most likely go commit funeral.