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Coven Leader [OVERHAUL] | ToS2

PostPosted: Fri Jan 26, 2024 4:17 pm
by TirelessTraveler
Coven Leader - Coven (Power)
Attack: Basic
Defense: None
Book Priority: Mid (please Necronomicon Passing)

Abilities: Bind two players

- You can only have two sets of players bound at a time
- You may unbind and bind at the same time
- If a bound player dies, you may forgo your ability the following night to attack the other
- You will not duplicate Coven Negative Effects
- You may bind Coven
- You only visit your first target

Bind Spoiler: - If you choose two non-Coven, you will duplicate Negative Effects on either target to the other
- If you choose one Coven and one non-Coven, you will duplicate Negative Effects from the Coven to the non-Coven and duplicate Positive Effects from the non-Coven to the Coven
- If you choose two Coven, you will duplicate Positive Effects on either target to the other

Necronomicon Spoiler: - You will deal a Basic Attack to your first target
- You may duplicate non-Hex and non-Silence Coven Negative Effects

Duplicatable Effects Spoiler: No Necronomicon
- Monarch Knight (Positive)
- Veteran Defense (Positive)
- Trickster Trick (Negative)
- Cleric Protection (Positive)
- Trapper Protection [Block an Attacker] (Positive)
- Crusader Protection [Powerful Defense] (Positive)
- Admirer Care (Positive)
- Admirer Silence (Negative)
- Tavern Keeper Roleblock (Negative)
- Jester Vest (Positive)
- Pirate Roleblock (Negative)
- Shroud Shrouding (Positive)
- Arsonist Douse (Negative)
- Plaguebearer Infect (Negative)
- Baker Bread (Positive)
- Pestilence Pestilence (Negative)
- Famine Starve (Negative)
- Hungover (Positive)
- Death Attack (Negative)
- Witch Control (Negative)
- Jinx Jinxing (Negative)
- Poisoner Poison (Negative)
- Poisoner Roleblock (Negative)
- Potion Master Protection (Positive)
- Enchanter Enchant (Negative)
- Enchanter Alterate (Negative)
- Medusa Gaze (Negative)
- Illusionist Illusion (Positive)
- Dreamweaver Dreamweave (Negative)

Investigative Results
Sheriff: Suspicious || Innocent (Necronomicon)
Investigator: No Blood || Blood (Attacking)
Psychic: Evil
Seer: Coven (Friendly) || Other (Enemies)
Precise: Your target is a manipulator who binds the misfortunate. They must be the Vincire!

Notifications Spoiler: [You] have chosen to bind [player 1] and [player 2] tonight.
[You] have chosen to instead bind [player 1] and [player 2] tonight.
[You] have instead decided to not bind tonight.
[You] unbound [player 1] and [player 2].
[You] have chosen to attack [player] tonight.
[You] have instead chosen to attack [player] tonight.

Achievements Spoiler: Misfortune | Win 1 game as Coven Leader
Blyte | Win 5 games as Coven Leader
Soulbound | Win 10 games as Coven Leader
Tychokinesis | Win 25 games as Coven Leader
Witch Doctor | Successfully Protect a member of the Coven
Hidden Royalty | Cause a member of the Coven to be knighted
Hidden Blade | Cause Trickster to kill a player
Potayto Potahto | Cause at least five players to survive the initial starvation

Edit Log Spoiler: - Added Hungover and Collect Effects
- Removed Collect and Bodyguard Effects
- Coven Leader Overhaul now
- Baker is now Positive as well as Negative
- Added Admirer Silence
- Baker is only Positive
- Shroud is positive