Sniper (Town Killing)

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Sniper (Town Killing)

Postby Benn3 » Mon Jul 12, 2021 7:37 pm

Attack: Powerful | Defense: None

Alignment -
Town (Killing)

Abilities -
-Mark somebody and choose a player's house to watch each night

Attributes -
-If a marked player visits your watched player, you will snipe them, dealing an astral Powerful attack
-You may watch yourself one time
-You may mark as many players as you want
-You may unmark a player by selecting them, however you will not be able to shoot that night
-Marked targets will have a symbol next to their position
-You have three bullets
-Players will not be notified when they are marked
-If you shoot a Town member, you will throw away your gun in disgust

Goal -
Lynch every criminal and evildoer.

You have decided to mark [Position] tonight.
You have decided to watch [Position] tonight.
A marked player visited your target last night, so you shot them!

A white glow in the bushes blinds you. You were sniped by a Sniper!

Your target was shot by a Sniper!

Investigative Results -

Sheriff: Your target seems innocent.
Investigator: Your target could be a Lookout, Forger, Witch, or Sniper.
Consigliere: Your target camps out for the perfect shot. They must be a Sniper.

Additional Information -

-You may think that this is just a Vigilante clone, but it is not.

-Vigilante is based on scumreading and directly shooting players that are Evil.
-Sniper is based off marking players, and then watching people they SHOULDN'T visit if they are a Town member. For example, you can mark a Sheriff, and then watch the Jailor, because why would a Sheriff check the Jailor? If they are fake, they may visit the Jailor, and you will shoot them.
-A Vigilante however would not want to take the risk of shooting a Sheriff claim, however they will go after non-claimers instead. Sniper cannot die to guilt, either.
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Re: Sniper (Town Killing)

Postby syjfwbaobfwl » Mon Jul 12, 2021 8:19 pm

feels like a mix of bg and crusader, and its super similar to duelist (an idea that was suggested not long ago)
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Re: Sniper (Town Killing)

Postby Benn3 » Mon Jul 12, 2021 10:36 pm

I changed it so they don't provide defense anymore.
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