Frankenstein - Neutral Chaos

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Frankenstein - Neutral Chaos

Postby JacksonVirgo » Sun Aug 30, 2020 9:53 am

Neutral Chaos

Abilities: Each night you may kill a player.

  • When you kill a player, they will always appear "Zombified" and they will lose all their abilities and their vote however they may still talk to the Town.
  • Zombified players can still be voted to be lynched and targeted by investigatives but Sheriffs/Investigators will all see them as Frankensteins results.
  • During the night, Frankenstein may instead of killing, choose to zombify themself. It will act the exact same way as any other death however they can use the abilities.

Become zombified, survive until the end of the game and convert everyone to a zombie.


May be a terrible role, it is 2am after all, however I wanted to try coming up with a role that plays with the concept of Dead but not "Dead". Thoughts?

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Re: Frankenstein - Neutral Chaos

Postby Mystoc » Mon Aug 31, 2020 3:17 pm

its a better SK having no ability or vote and just talking is better then just killing them, since it denies town info you dont know if the claims of dead people alive are true, the weakness is it has is the people "dead" may have insights that someone alive wouldnt but in high elo games every understands the games and amolst never will miss anything

also this can mess with voting majority if the majority isnt subtracted each time someone loses a vote which i assume it does
this means people cant really hide they were zombfied to trick the side with the voting majority into not voting someone up

i made a role that takes away just the ability but wins when everyone is "Zombiefied" but i used a diff term

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