The Puppet Master(Neutral Killing)

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The Puppet Master(Neutral Killing)

Postby MasterFaustino » Sat Apr 11, 2020 2:23 pm

Role Name:

Puppet Master

Role Alignment:

Neutral Killing


*Puppet a player every full moon, allowing you to possess the player's actions during the day and night.


*You can puppet multiple people
*You can only puppet players with no defence
*When a player is puppeted, they are "dead" but their character still remains alive unless the Puppet Master is killed in which case all the puppets are freed unless they get killed by another source.
*When a player is puppeted, the Puppet Master sees their role and is able to communicate as them during the day and make them perform their actions during the night such as investigating, visiting, attacking, protecting, etc...
*If a Mafia/Coven/Vamp is puppeted, the Puppet Master can see the faction's night chat.
*Puppeted targets lose all defences, are unable to have their own individual will/death note, and are easily identifiable by Sheriffs and Investigators.
*Puppeted targets are killed when healed by a doctor
*Killed puppet characters cannot be remembered or revived.
*When the Puppet Master has possessed three people at once, he loses his Basic Defence and is detectable by the Sheriff.

"You have been Puppeted"(When attacked by the Puppet Master)
"[Player] was killed last night, They were stabbed by a Serial Killer! (When a puppeted target is killed by a doctor's heal)

Goal: Kill or possess the town to your control.

Win Conditions:

-Wins with Survivor, Puppets
- Must Kill, everyone else

Special Attributes:

*Basic Defence(Pre 3 Puppets)

Investigator Results:
Sheriff - Not Suspicious(Puppet Master), Your target appears to be possessed!(Puppeted Target)
Investigator - Medium, Janitor, Retributionist, Necromancer, Trapper or Puppet Master.
Consigliere - Your target is capable of puppeting individuals, they must be the Puppet Master!

Additional Information: The Puppet Master is designed to be an NK with limited killing potential but huge scaling towards the later game. The more people the PM puppets, the more influence he has both in the day and night time. However, the Puppet Master needs a good setup and pick targets both useful to aid as well as targets that are not too popular making them susceptible to being discovered as a puppet.
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Re: The Puppet Master(Neutral Killing)

Postby Brilliand » Sat Apr 11, 2020 4:33 pm

Must kill the Neutral Evil to win? Why?

Also, seeing the other factions' night chat is not good.

I don't see the Puppet Master being able to actually control his puppets in the short amount of time the game provides. Depending on how it's implemented, it would either out the Puppet Master quickly, or leave the puppets sitting around as dead weight.
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Re: The Puppet Master(Neutral Killing)

Postby Anavel » Sat Apr 11, 2020 5:28 pm

too op
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