Spy Changes

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Spy Changes

Postby SpiritWolfLord » Mon Apr 06, 2020 12:56 pm

I think a simple nerf to spy would be to make it so some mafia visits aren't shown. Three possible examples are:

1) Gf/Mafioso- By not showing who was attacked, it prevents a lot of nk/ne deaths d2 when spy shows they were attacked. This makes it harder to find nks, and gives both mafia and the nk a fighting chance (vs I think it was 20-30% chance otherwise). Otherwise, the nk/ne is hanged d2 from the spy doing nothing but posting a will. This does make it harder for me, but they can still find ways around it since janitors would still show up.

2) Framer- Spy goes from making this role a framer to making it confirm non mafia (unless they can work with the witch which requires whispering, which makes town call you out). Removing this one from spy results also allows a framer to have the option of claiming doc more easily, which can help nerf the tplo meta. This is the one I recommend the most.

3) Disguiser- Similar to the framer. When a Disguiser- dies in a spy game, it either proves them as Disguiser-, which butchers the whole role, or it confirms that the person they visited was in fact what they claim. Keeping them being seen by spy gives them whole new methods of play and would make the game more interesting.
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