Potentially broken TI idea? Thoughts?

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Potentially broken TI idea? Thoughts?

Postby PikamanUltra » Thu Apr 02, 2020 1:37 pm

Worry this might be broken, but...
Alignment: Town Investigative
Immunities: None
Attack: None
Defence: None
Summary: A powerful mind-reader who unlocks peoples secrets.
Abilities: You may choose a player to Read each day.
You may choose someone to See each night.
• You may only See once
• You may only Read 3 times
• If your target (Read) speaks at night, you will hear them.
• You can see the will of your target (See) and learn 1 other person in the same faction as them. If nobody else is alive in the faction, or nobody else in in the faction, you will be grief stricken and die.
• You will hear any and all whispers.
Goal: Lynch every criminal and evil-doer
I feel that the balancing might be a little forced and not heavy enough, thoughts?
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Btw they're not all town lol
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Re: Potentially broken TI idea? Thoughts?

Postby Brilliand » Thu Apr 02, 2020 7:26 pm

Despite having abilities that create a chilling effect on abilities that evils are supposed to use, I think this is an underpowered role overall. Seeing and Reading aren't any more powerful than a Sheriff check, really.

It's underpowered, and yet I don't want to see it buffed, because:
  • The See ability encourages evils to keep their multiple potential claims in their notes, rather than their will, which is basically just interface screw.
  • The Read ability encourages Mafia and Coven to keep quiet or talk like a Medium at night, when they should be using that time to coordinate and thus be a more intelligent opponent for the Town.
  • The See ability's second effect allows the Telepath to use the second-to-last Mafia to automatically catch the last Mafia. Getting straight-up told who the last Mafia is without needing to guess is a bad thing, rare though it may be.
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