Grave Keeper (Neutral Evil)

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Grave Keeper (Neutral Evil)

Postby NightTwoMedium » Fri Mar 27, 2020 12:12 am

Name: Grave Keeper

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Note: Might not be original but here's my spin

Attack: None

Defense: Basic

Unique Role: No

Priority: 1 (Astral)


-During the Night, you may tamper with someone's grave

Mechanics pt 1:

-Tampering will switch the player's death note and kill message

-You may tamper up to 2 players' grave

If one of them does not die , the living player's last known attack message on any Night and death note is switched with the dead and once the living player dies they will automatically have a switched attack message and death note (Ex: You tamper with Player X's grave and Player Y's Grave, Player X was attacked by a Serial Killer but was healed by a Doctor, Player Y died and was attacked by a member of the Mafia, Player Y's attack message is then replaced by Serial Killer and it's death note is replaced, once Player X dies their attack message is then replaced by Mafia and it's death note is replaced)

-If there was no last known attack message from the living player, then the attack message and death note is not switched

-You may tamper with a dead players' grave


-The visitors of your targets will also appear as Suspicious to the Sheriff,have the invest result of the Jester, and appear as Evil in a Psychic vision. Astral Visitors are not affected by this

-You have Control Immunity

-If you have switched a Mafia/Coven attack message and/or death note it will appear as a visit to the Spy

-If there were more than 2 visitors for the last known attack message the priority goes as following on who is decided ; Neutral Killing->Neutral Chaos->Town Killing->Mafia Killing->Coven Evil

Mechanics pt 2:


-Investigative Results-

Sheriff: Your target seems Innocent

Investigator: Lookout/Forger/Witch or Coven Leader/Grave Keeper

Consigliere/Witch: Your target smells of death and works with dead bodies. They must be the Grave Keeper

Goal: Survive to see the Town lose the game.

Wins With: Same as Witch (Everyone except Town)

Must Kill: Same as Witch(Town)


First Night?- Win your first game as the Grave Keeper

Can't Stop Now!-Win 5 games as the Grave Keeper

False Mortician- Win 10 games as the Grave keeper

Arbiter of the Dead- Win 25 games as the Grave Keeper

Magic? You mean bullets-Successfully switch a Coven Kill with a Mafia/Vigilante Kill

Nothing can stop death-Successfully switch a jailed player attacked by the Jailor

Rotting but useful- Use a player killed by the Pestilence
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