Vaccinist (Mafia Support)

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Vaccinist (Mafia Support)

Postby RapGod2000 » Thu Mar 26, 2020 6:24 pm

K this role is already on the Role Ideas board on the fandom page but I made a few tweaks.
Could also be used as a town role.

Role Name:

Role Alignment:
Mafia Support

At night, you can choose fellow mafia member to apply a vaccine.

- The vaccines essentially apply an immunity to the target for that night. There's Magical Protection, which applies control immunity. Focused Medication which applies role block immunity. Suspicion Barrier which applies Detection immunity. Attack Resistance which applies Night Immunity (basic defense).

- Each vaccine has a cool-down of 2 nights before one can be reused

- "You have decided to apply [Magical Protection/Focused Medication/Suspicion Barrier/Attack Resistance] vaccine to [target]."
- "Someone tried to [control you/occupy your night/attack you] but you are immune while on the vaccine". You will not know if a sheriff investigates you and whether the vaccine took effect.
- Sheriffs will see: "You cannot find evidence of wrongdoing. Your target seems innocent".
- Serial Killers or Vigilantes will see: "Your target's defense was too strong to kill".

Kill anyone who will not submit to the Mafia.

Attack: None
Defense: None

Win Conditions:
Wins with:

Must Kill:
Serial Killer

Investigator Results:
Sheriff - Your target is suspicious.
Investigator - Your target could be a Doctor, Disguiser, Serial Killer, Potion Master or Vaccinist.
Consigliere - Your target is skilled with vaccines. They must be the vaccinist.

Immunity!- Vaccinate someone.
Druggist- Win your first game as Vaccinist.
Apothecarist- Win 5 games as Vaccinist.
Posolgist- Win 10 games as Vaccinist.
Pharmecist- Win 25 games as Vaccinist.
This will help- Save a fellow mafia from a Vigilante or Serial Killer with an Attack Resistance Vaccine.
Undetectable- Give a fellow mafia a Suspicion Barrier Vaccine when they are interrogated by a Sheriff.
Not interested- Give a fellow mafia a Focused Medication Vaccine when they are role blocked by an Escort or Consort (through transporter or witch)
Science, not magic- Give a fellow mafia a Magical Protection Vaccine when they are controlled by a Witch.
Self-Prescribed- Save yourself from a Vigilante or Serial Killer with an Attack Resistance Vaccine.

Additional Information:
- Attack Resistance only gives you Basic Defense, so it it would not save you from Jailor, Veteran, Arsonist, Werewolf, Pirate or Pestilence.
- You can use the Vaccines on yourself.

Lore: The Vaccinist was the partner to the doctor. The doctor performed surgery, while he gave out pills and gave vaccines to the town members. He had the same training as the doctor but he was the one gave people painkillers while the doctor saved lives and took all the credit. One day the Godfather visited the pharmacy to get some painkillers after being "saved" by the doctor after an attack from the Serial Killer and he noticed the envy in the Vaccinist's voice when giving him his pills. The Godfather decided to take advantage of this and sent the Mafioso to the Vaccinist's house that night. The Mafioso gave the Vaccinist a choice, join them or die. He made the obvious choice.
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Re: Vaccinist (Mafia Support)

Postby Brilliand » Thu Mar 26, 2020 6:33 pm

Yeah, roles like this have been proposed a bunch of times, in various factions.
My best role ideas:
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