Mistress(Mafia support) and others

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Mistress(Mafia support) and others

Postby Iggydra » Wed Mar 18, 2020 2:53 pm

Role:Mistress(Mafia support)
Abilities:When you die the mafia can kill 2 players that night

Sheriff:Your target is suspicious
Consigliere/Witch:Your Target is the most loved by the Mafia they must be the Mistress

Role:Ring Holder(Neutral Began)
Abilities:Give a Player a ring
Attributes:When you give a player a ring it give them Powerful defense
-The next night they have to give it to someone else
-If a player die with the ring you get the ring back

[If you or a player don’t give the ring to anyone it will randomly chose a player]

Goal: get your ring back 3 times

Role:Lycan(Neutral Began)
Abilities:Win with your Team
Attributes:You will get a random Team you got to win with[Ex:Town,Mafia,Coven,Survivor,Serial killer,Arsonist]
-The first time you get attack you will doge the attack [Powerful defense]
-If your whole team die You will turn into a [Idk maybe Survivor or Jester]

Role:Apprentice(Neutral Began)
Abilities:Win with your Master
Attributes:Your Master is ——
-When your master die you became there role
-Your Master Will not know your there Apprentice

[Your Master can not be a Unique role]

Role:Politician(Mafia support)
Abilities:Create a law making two people no allowed to vote
Attributes:When you Create a law making two people not allowed to vote they cannot vote that Day
-They will know they cannot vote
-Can only Do this to mayor Once’s

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Re: Mistress(Mafia support) and others

Postby Brilliand » Wed Mar 18, 2020 6:50 pm

Mistress: Kind of dull, and often useless. It's better to let the Mafia do things while they're alive, rather than giving them compensation for dying. Getting trimmed down to one player and winning by a hair isn't the Mafia's preferred strategy.

Ring Holder: Has a goal unrelated to the evils vs. town main game. I don't see any redeeming qualities to make up for that.

Lycan: It's just... a member of a random faction. Why not give that faction an actual member instead?

Apprentice: Pretty much a nerfed Amnesiac. Note that it has to be apprenticed to a non-town Unique role to be not-underpowered, because if you're an apprentice of anything there can be more than one of, you would have been strictly better off starting as that role in the first place. (And you can't be apprentice to a Town Unique role, because Retri exists.)

Politician: Two fewer non-Maf votes = two extra Maf votes. This would give Maf the ability to take away Town's majority D2 in Ranked, and take Maf Majority after only 4 kills (including NK kills, and anything but Maf being lynched). Too powerful; extra votes should be solely Town's thing.
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