Neutral support

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Neutral support

Postby Iggydra » Tue Mar 17, 2020 4:24 pm

Role:Lawyer(Neutral support)
Abilities:Can protect a player from being Hanged
Attributes:Everyone knows your role
-No one can hear your whispers or anyone else whispering to you
-Can’t pick the same player twice in a row

Goal: Successful Protect 3 players from being hanged
[After doing this you can’t do your ability any more]

Role: Knight (Neutral Support)
Abilities:Can Guard a player each night
Attributes:Guarding a player makes that player can’t leave there home
And no one Visit your target
-Need the player to except your request
-Can’t pick the same person twice in a row

Goal:just stay alive

Role:Assassin(Neutral Support)
Abilities:Kill your target
Attributes:Your whisper will not be seen
-When you get attack the first time you doge it[Powerful defense this is gone right after]
-Everyone knows how you are

Goal:Successful kill 4 of your targets
[Once you do this you can’t kill anymore]

mechanics-players can send a letter to you day time
You can pick one and kill that player once’s you do that the player that send that letter can Approve that the kill was a success or not

:D :D :D :) :) :D ask any questions
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Re: Neutral support

Postby DragonClaw66 » Wed Mar 18, 2020 10:12 am

Lawyer: This just looks like a strange Guardian Angel to me. Its goal is to save players and it can prevent lynches. It also has the problem of self-confirming itself from the beginning (this game needs less confirmable roles, not more).

Knight: Survivor-goal clone with an ability that doesn't help its win condition. Its ability can also be completely nullified simply be the target saying "no".

Assassin: I've always liked the idea of an assassin-type role whose goal is to find a player with the role they are looking for and kill them, but this takes it too far simply because it's self-confirmable and requires and absurd amount of targets to kill. Additionally, the Town will just use this role as a zero-consequence Vigilante to search and kill evildoers.

There's no need for a Neutral Support alignment either. Lawyer and Knight act as Neutral Benign roles while the Assassin fits more as a Neutral Chaos.
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