My mafia ideas

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My mafia ideas

Postby Iggydra » Mon Mar 16, 2020 2:32 pm

Role:Bomber(Mafia killing)
Abilities:Place a Bomb in a player house
Attributes:You can only flint one Bomb at a time
-When you Flint a Bomb anyone who Visits are Target dies
-Your Target will not die if they Leave there house only the Visitors

Role:Made-man(Mafia support)
Abilities:Can covert a player to the mafia
Attributes:You have 2 days before this power is taking away for you
Converting a player makes them a mafiosa
-Can do this once
-Can only convert Town members
(this role only appears if there are 2-3 mafias in the game)

Role:Goon(Mafia support)
Abilities:Protect the mafia
Attributes:If a member of the mafia get attack you will step in and take the attack

Role:Switchoor(Mafia support)
Abilities:Can switch A player vote
Attributes:Will automatically see players vote before it’s shown
-Can switch two players votes
-Can only do this twice

Role:Disguiser(Mafia Deception)
Abilities:Choose a player to disguise yourself as
Attributes:You will appear to be that player role to the investigator
And when you die
-You will copy your target movement but not really
-Will copy are Target will
-When are Target dies there role will not be shown
-Can only do this twice

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Re: My mafia ideas

Postby DragonClaw66 » Tue Mar 17, 2020 8:41 am

Bomber: I have always despised roles that have a rampage mechanic (killing all visitors to the target) as it can be extremely unbalanced. I prefer killing roles with set ability (ex: kill your target).

Mademan: The last attribute makes the role a non-ranked, non-classic, exclusive role. Even so, the ability to convert an enemy into an ally and still retain ability in the faction (before the conversion, you have another Mafia Support or Mafia Deception role) is very overpowered. Also, obligatory "conversion role!11!!!11!".

Goon: Pretend you have a team that consists of the Janitor, Consort, and Mafioso. You have the ability to clean, roleblock, and kill. If one of those players dies, you either lose the ability to clean or roleblock, leaving you with two unique abilities. Okay. Now, pretend you have a Goon, Consort, and Mafioso. You have the ability to roleblock and kill. Cool. If one of those players dies, you either lose nothing or the ability to roleblock, leaving you with two abilities. See the problem? In the first scenario, the Mafia not only starts out with more power, but they also have the same power as the Mafia in the second scenario once an ally is lost. This entire thing is basically me saying the Goon is useless.

Switchoor: If you switch the votes of two players, the role has no use as those votes will still appear in some way. The only thing this can do is put a little suspicion on enemies (in which case, "I had my vote switched, other player come out"), or it can softcounter the Mayor. Either way, not a fan of this role.

Disguiser: People put their names in their wills, so this change just makes the Disguiser worse than it already is. This is also just a Janitor clone as it hides the target's role and will.
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Re: My mafia ideas

Postby Brilliand » Tue Mar 17, 2020 2:09 pm

The Goon is worse than useless: if the Goon saves someone, the person they save is confirmed Mafia. 2 for 1!
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