Framer Rework

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Framer Rework

Postby hawk951 » Fri Jan 24, 2020 5:43 am

Role Name: Framer

Role Alignment: Mafia Deception

Abilities: Choose someone to make them believe they are a mafia member.

Attributes: The person you give a therapy to will act like a mafia member for that day.
You can’t frame the same person in a row.
Roles with no special effect are only suspicious and framer/vamp/jest.

Effects on Roles: Investigator, Lookout – Framer gets the results instead of them.
Sheriff – Sheriff’s every target comes up suspicious.
Spy – Spy doesn’t see the visits of the Mafia, Framer gets the bug results.
Jailor – Makes him execute the jailed person but doesn’t prevent from executing one.
Veteran – No special effect.
Vigilante – Shoots himself.
Vampire Hunter – Shooting the target with his only bullet, doesn’t suicide and has no bullet after becoming vigilante.
Bodyguard – Protects the Framer.
Doctor – Heals the Framer.
Escort – Also roleblocks every visitor of their target.
Mayor – No special effect.
Medium – No special effect.
Retributionist – The target gets resurrected as Framer.
Transporter – No special effect.
Witch – No special effect.
Survivor – No special effect.
Amnesiac – Directly becomes a Framer.
Executioner – No special effect.
Werewolf – No special effect.
Arsonist –Igniting every doused person but mafia members are cleaned off the gasoline.
Serial Killer – Framer gets killed.
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Re: Framer Rework

Postby ScarfVendetta » Fri Jan 24, 2020 2:47 pm

This seems overly complicated, having completely different effects on each role. Not to mention that most of these effects are far too powerful for a Random Mafia role (particularly the effects on Vigilante, Vampire Hunter, and Retributionist).

Lore-wise, this also sounds more like a Hypnotist than a Framer.
Just some Sheriff who didn't claim until Day 5, and has no leads whatsoever

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