Potion Master - Additional Notifications

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Potion Master - Additional Notifications

Postby ScarfVendetta » Wed Dec 25, 2019 7:19 pm

Suggested Potion Master changes:
- Potion Master should receive the "Your target was attacked last night!" notification if they successfully heal their target using a heal potion.
- Spy should receive the "Your target's target was attacked last night!" notification if they bug a Potion Master on the same night that they successfully heal their target using a heal potion.

The first change would be very beneficial in certain situations if a Potion Master is trying to fakeclaim Doctor. It's a pretty rare tactic for Potion Master to heal non-Coven as they would usually prefer that they die rather than save them (as well as having other plans for the night). Despite this, in some situations it could be worthwhile to convince other players that you're a Doctor, particularly in AllAny where the presence of a Potion Master can be kept a secret as long as you require. If your plan would be for your fellow Coven to attack/poison them, you would already have the heads-up that they're going to be attacked, but if you wanted to save someone from another attack e.g. Mafia, then it's extremely important to be notified when you've saved someone. Particularly if you want to whisper them a "yw" or something similar to get your Doctor claim out there straight after the heal, to make it extra believable.

It would also be slightly beneficial when you're healing fellow Coven, as it's handy to know what's happened the previous night right away. As it currently is, if you were to save your fellow Coven from a Serial Killer for example, you would not immediately know that they have been attacked. When you notice the lack of a Serial Killer attack the next morning, you wouldn't yet be sure of what happened. Is there another night-immune role present? This uncertainty would either have to be resolved the next night or via whispers (risky) and ultimately just takes brainpower away from more important matters in the game.

You shouldn't have to wait to ask your teammate whether YOU managed to heal someone that night.

The second change is mostly for consistency. If a Spy can see whether a Doctor got the notification, it should also be able to see the same notification for the Potion Master. Most bug results rarely come into play, but it could again potentially help the Potion Master 'confirm' themself as Doctor when they are caught saving their target from death.
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Re: Potion Master - Additional Notifications

Postby JacksonVirgo » Wed Jan 01, 2020 8:44 am

Both makes perfect sense, no idea why they don't already tbh

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Re: Potion Master - Additional Notifications

Postby mikimomo » Thu Jan 09, 2020 3:14 pm

I agree completely, I never know if I healed someone unless they say they were attacked and healed.
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