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Postby iDaeK » Thu Dec 19, 2019 5:42 am

This was something I made for fun, not meant to be too serious, which is why it is not 100% set in stone. Also I realize it is basically inquisitor from throne of lies. The main goal was to create a neutral evil role for ranked practice, which also tries to weaken jailor without directly nerfing him.

Role Name: Hitman

Role Alignment: Neutral Evil

- Investigate: Investigate the person to learn his true identity.
- Attack/Kill: Kill targeted person during the night.


- If you kill another player that is not your target, you will die.
- The ability to kill will go through any protection, including bodyguard and jail.
- Immune to being thrown off by framer.
*Unsure whether the player should be immune to roleblocks
*Unsure whether the player should have basic defense.



"The investigated person is your target"


You have successfully eliminated your target. - If he attacks his target
You have killed an innocent person. - If he attacks wrong player.


Eliminate your two targets.

Now this is where my first options are more aligned with my goal but also feels like a band-aid fix or too forced.
A) Your target is jailor and another random town member
B) Your target is jailor and another random player
C) Your targets are two random town members - feels more natural
D) Your targets are two random players

Win Conditions:

You must kill your two targets.

Special Attributes:

Investigator Results:
Sheriff - Your target is not suspicious.
Investigator -
Your target is waiting for the perfect moment to strike. (Sheriff, Executioner, Hitman or Werewolf)
Your target owns weapons. (Vigilante, Veteran, Hitman or Mafioso)

Consigliere - Your target is a professional killer. They must be a Hitman.

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Re: Hitman

Postby JacksonVirgo » Thu Dec 19, 2019 10:11 am

NE shouldn't really be able to kill by itself, it'd work better as Neutral Chaos.

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