Vindicator (NB)

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Vindicator (NB)

Postby UltraSeBOSStian » Sun Dec 15, 2019 9:50 pm

I’ve been creating and reviewing roles on the Town of Salem fandom for a while, and I quite like this role, it’s basically the surgeon from Testing Grounds, but it fixes the problems, as well as being interesting to play.

Name: Vindicator

Alignment: Neutral Benign

Attack: None

Defence: None (Basic until first attack)

Unique: Yes

Abilities: Pick a player to idolise

Attributes: (bold for features, italics for clarifications/ones that wouldn’t show on a role card)

* You cannot pick again until your idol dies
* idol choosing is rb/control immune
* when your idol dies you will side with their faction
* when your idol dies, you must pick a new one, otherwise you will die
* you may perform the ability(s) of your last dead idol
* you cannot mimic the actions of unique town roles
* you cannot speak in or see the maf/cov/vamp chat (or their names)

Goal: Vindicate your last dead idol (achieve their goal)

Sheriff Results: Your target seems innocent.

Investigator Results: Spy, Blackmailer, Jailor, Vindicator, or Guardian Angel.

Consigliere/Witch Results: Your target avenges the dead, they must be a vindicator

Basically a double edged sword role, since it’s goal can often change, causing it to work against itself, and although a vindicator could be on your side, that may change soon. If you find a team/goal you like, you’ll want to pick someone who is unlikely to die.
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Re: Vindicator

Postby JacksonVirgo » Sun Dec 15, 2019 10:52 pm

So when you don't have an idol/have an idol that died you must pick another one, when an idol dies you gain their abilities and win-condition until the new idol dies and you get theirs and so forth?

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Re: Vindicator (NB)

Postby UltraSeBOSStian » Mon Dec 16, 2019 3:32 am

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