NEW ROLE : Vengeful Person(Neutral Benign/Evil) MY BEST IDEA

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NEW ROLE : Vengeful Person(Neutral Benign/Evil) MY BEST IDEA

Postby kylevalent » Fri Nov 22, 2019 5:20 am

Role Name :
Vengeful Person

Allignment :
Neutral (Benign / Evil)

Become a vengeful spirit when killed by someone

-Each night after you're dead, visit someone to gain clue about their role
-You may choose to kill the person you visited
-If nobody killed you in 4 nights, you will become a jester

Find your killer before anyone else

Wind conditions :
- Win with everyone

Investigative Results:
  • Sheriff : Your target seems innocent.
  • Investigator: Your target could be a Framer, Vampire, Jester or Vengeful Person.
  • Consigliere: Your target hates everyone. They must be a Vengeful Person.
  • Your investigation: You feel deep hatred towards your target. They must be your killer
  • Your investigation: You feel nothing towards your target. They must be innocent

Side note : Vengeful Person is the opposite of jester, rather than trying to get yourself lynched, you're trying to get yourself killed. This opens up a new variation in game where a jester and a vengeful person are there. As a killer role like vigilante, SK, etc. you don't mind killing a jester since they're everyone's enemy but when a vengeful person is present it will be a hard decision to kill someone..

Playing as Vengeful Person : Your goal is obviously trying to get killed and then find your killer, and to do that you have to taunt people or act like a townsies to provoke getting killed. While the jester's win condition is faster since you only need to get lynched and vengeful person is harder since you need people to kill you first then find your killer, i think that playing as a vengeful person can be quite fun since you're mostly siding with town because most killing role are on neutral/mafia (it's also better to put a neutral on town side since witch is on mafia's side), i also put if no one killed you in 4 nights you turn into a jester (which is debatable) since i'm afraid if the vengeful person live for a long time and the killer role is decreasing by a lot it makes you harder to win.

In conclusion : I create an opposite role of Jester which i personally thought would be a fun role to play and also adding a neutral comrade for town.. His job is to get killed and find his killer to win and he can't visit anyone while he's alive but he can do stuff when he's dead.. He also wins with everyone if his target is killed (just like exe. What do you guys think about this one? i hope you enjoy it :D
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Re: NEW ROLE : Vengeful Person(Neutral Benign/Evil) MY BEST

Postby Mystoc » Fri Nov 22, 2019 8:06 pm

this is a town sided role since most deaths are by evils it can never be NE since NE is ment to help evils a little this would hurt them most of the time

also this role is basically just a better jester since it becomes it after a while why would i ever want to be jester when i have more options as this role

if you get hanged before the 4 nights can u just visit a person who voted guilty and kill them an instant win?
this better not work if you are hanged while still this role

laslty this role is huge rng have to bait being attacked in 4 nights and if the person who killed you dies the same night you did u auto lose since you cant get revenge on someone dead, the goal is very hard to do and its RNG if they person dies right away

the problem with this role is it cant be NE since most killing roles during night are evil, this role is town sided in nature
if its NB that doesnt work as NB cant kill also this role auto turning NE without a choice of the player doesnt make sense since NB is supposed to be able to chose who to side with not have it forced on them
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