Gamemaster (Neutral Benign or chaos)

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Gamemaster (Neutral Benign or chaos)

Postby NexusTheBrony » Mon Nov 11, 2019 2:21 am

Role Name:

Role Alignment:
Neutral (Benign)
Neutral (Chaos)
... whichever fits best

Choose 2 targets each night. You may choose to order the first target to visit the second target, swap their visitors, or identify their exact roles. Each action takes 3 nights to recharge. If one of your targets attacks a gamemaster, including yourself, that gamemaster will die regardless of the attacker's power

defense: powerful
your visits are astral

if controlled: first target receives "You were ordered by the Gamemaster to visit <second target>!"
-if control immune: "You refused the Gamemaster's orders!"
-if 2+ Gamemasters share first target: "You were ordered to visit too many targets! You chose to stay home." (effective roleblock excluding jailor)
if swapped: both targets receive "You were swapped with <other target> by the Gamemaster!"
-if 2+ Gamemasters share any target, all involved targets receive: "You were swapped by multiple Gamemasters! You ended up back where you were." (effectively nothing)
if identified:
-Gamemaster receives: "Your targets are a <role> and a <role>!"
-targets receive: "The Gamemaster has identified you!" (only appears once even if identified by multiple Gamemasters)
if killed by a Gamemaster's actions (in addition to other death causes): "Checkmate. You have died!"
victory: "Checkmate. You win!"

Kill all other Gamemasters

Win Conditions:
Must kill other Gamemasters
May spare all others

Special Attributes:
If the game starts with only 1 Gamemaster, they will instead be a Survivor.
If there are multiple Gamemasters, the last surviving Gamemaster remains a Gamemaster until the end of the game.
If the Gamemaster is the last surviving Gamemaster, they lose their powerful defense. They will then die if bitten by a Vampire
If the Gamemaster dies as the last surviving Gamemaster, they still win (unless they leave)
control immune
roleblock immune

Investigator Results:
Sheriff - You cannot find evidence of wrongdoing. Your target seems innocent.
Investigator (base game) - <not present>
Investigator (coven expansion) - Your target could be a Lookout, Forger, Coven Leader, or Gamemaster.
Consigliere - Your target seems to love chess. They must be a Gamemaster.


Additional Information:
If the Gamemaster identifies roles, they will not be told which player has which role, and the roles may or may not be swapped order.
If one of the Gamemaster's targets is also a target of a Transporter, the transporter will transport first, then the Gamemaster will act.
If the Gamemaster's first target is the same first target as the Coven Leader, ordering will fail.
Neither of your targets may be you unless a transporter or Coven Leader intervene

The intent of this is to add a 4th slot to the investigator results so that the Coven expansion investigator results all have 4 or 5 results
The notifications were designed to make the Gamemaster's intentions obvious, and potentially let them know another Gamemaster has found them
This was inspired by the trope of a "Chess master", who controls the actions of all involved to get the outcome they desire, and chess itself

Change list:
Nov 12:
*slight change to ability to kill other gamemasters using other players
+added edge cases in the event gamemasters share targets (listed in notifs)
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Re: Gamemaster (Neutral Benign or chaos)

Postby Brilliand » Tue Nov 12, 2019 8:09 pm

So they randomly pick 2 people a night, hoping to pick the other Gamemasters? I don't see any strategy to this, there's not enough time for them to make deductions before they randomly find each other. (And they're not even playing the same game as the non-Gamemasters, which isn't a good thing.)
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