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Insurgent (Mafia Killing)

PostPosted: Thu Nov 07, 2019 12:49 am
by SensationalMeat
The role may be controversial to some and I think it may be off putting or has a very slim chance at being added to the game, but I'd like to put this idea out there for the sake of sharing creativity. Thank you. (this is also my first Role proposition)

Role Name:

Role Alignment:
Mafia Killing

- Take a player hostage
- You may kill your hostage, landing a Basic attack

- Once you take someone hostage, you and your hostage may converse with each other at night
- Once you take someone hostage, you can hear your fellow Mafia speak but messages you send are directed to your hostage
- The hostage is roleblocked during their time as hostage

You were taken hostage by an Insurgent! when an Insurgent takes a hostage (end of the night)
You were shot by your captor! You have died! when an Insurgent kills the hostage (end of the night)
The Insurgent has decided to shoot you. when an Insurgent decides to kill the hostage (mid-night)
Your ability failed because your target was taken hostage. when a killing role tries to kill the Insurgent's hostage (end of the night)
You were killed by your hostage, who was a (Serial Killer/Werewolf)! (end of the night)

Kill everyone who refuses to submit to the Mafia.

Win Conditions:
Same as every Mafia member

Special Attributes:
Unique Role

Investigator Results:
Sheriff - Your target is suspicious!
Investigator - Your target could be a Spy, Blackmailer, Jailor, or an Insurgent.
Consigliere - N/A (teammate)

In Custody - Win 1 game as an Insurgent
Desperado - Win 5 games as an Insurgent
Terrorist - Win 10 games as an Insurgent
Anarchist - Win 25 games as an Insurgent
Clean Slate - Win a game as an Insurgent without shooting any of your hostages

Additional Information:
The Insurgent is practically a Jailor, however is with the mafia. The difference here is that the hostage can survive the Insurgent's shot provided they have Basic defense. The hostage can also be healed or investigated but cannot be shot by a Vigilante or killing role. The Insurgent also has "None Defense" and "None Attack" therefore making them vulnerable. A Serial Killer or a Werewolf can kill the Insurgent if they are taken hostage and released, but either way cannot die from an Insurgent's shot.

The Jailor is immune to being taken as a hostage, and will be notified. However, an Insurgent is NOT immune to being jailed.

The Jailor was the most respected townie, working swiftly alongside the Mayor. He had the trust of the town, and was hellbent on eliminating every last piece of scum in Salem. However, one fateful night, he took the Godfather hostage. Using his top-notch intellect and social reading, he was able to identify that this man in his cell, was in fact, a member of the Mafia. He was about to pull the trigger, but when the Godfather made him an offer, he couldn't refuse it. The once-trusted and respected Jailor became the Insurgent, now feared and dreaded. Each night he would take his new weapon - a rifle, and barge into an undesirable's house, taking him hostage.

"No! I don't want to listen to your damn demands! What happened to you, Jailor?! I thought you were more reasonable than this!" screamed his hostage. The Insurgent was unamused. He lifted his rifle and aimed at the hostage. He let one menacing grin creep up his face, before he pulled the trigger. Standing up, he left his old Jailor's death note beside the hostage's body. I'm using my own discretion.

Re: Insurgent (Mafia Killing)

PostPosted: Thu Nov 07, 2019 4:39 am
by JacksonVirgo
I am assuming that Jailor has priority, meaning if Insurgent and Jailor jail the same person, Insurgents will fail.
Also this increases Mafia KPN, which is not good honestly. How many times can you kill?

Re: Insurgent (Mafia Killing)

PostPosted: Sat Nov 09, 2019 12:53 am
by SensationalMeat
Same as Jailor, three times. After which you'll have no more ammo and will be practically useless to mafia. I do admit that this increases Mafia KPN therefore this should be a rare role to encounter in a simulation that it is in game. Yeah, Jailor has priority