Kamikaze [Mafia Killing]

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Kamikaze [Mafia Killing]

Postby Granica » Sun Nov 03, 2019 12:24 pm

Before you start reading, let me introduce you into circumstances of inventing this role suggestion.
I'm aware how controversial this role may be in the current form and I would love you guys to improve my idea to the right point.
I play ranked a lot and jailor meta always bugs me - the easiest way to confirm town members, along with Random Townies being TS. If Ret isn't going to be banned in Ranked matches, mafia needs some buff.

This acts like WW, but the ability can be used only once. Townies will be more careful with revealing their roles in public.
I'm clueless about how bad this suggestion actually sounds, in social or political way - please let me know, so we can discuss it and make some advancements. This was the first thought that came through my mind - how should I call a person who sacrifice themselves in order to kill a great amount of Townies. That doesn't mean I support this kind of activities.

Role Name:

Role Alignment:
Mafia (Killing)

- You may choose a player to attempt a suicide bomb attack in their house.

- The bomb you plant will kill the choosen target, all the visitors and you.
- You will stike the victims with a Basic Attack.

All dying players will receive a message "You died in a terrorist attack!".

- Kill as many townies as you can in a terrorist attack.

Win Conditions:
Same as every mafia member

Special Attributes:
Unique Role

Investigator Results:
Sheriff - Your target is suspicious.
Investigator - Your target could be Bodyguard, Godfather, Arsonist or Kamikaze.
Consigliere - Your target loves explosions. It must be a Kamikaze.

Thanks for the feedback, I hope that you won't get mad at me :)
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